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Holly - posted on 03/15/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




my 2 girls are 22mths and 6 mths they are having to share a room and its not going too well if the younger one wakes up she screams and wakes the older one who then takes 2 hours to settle its just round in circles with hem both waking each other, i have resorted to feeding the little 1 to sleep as soon as she screams to prevent the crying circle and she is also ending up in my bed a lot im exhausted and cant carry on with this much longer


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Danielle - posted on 05/05/2009




i no the tired feeling i have a 3 month old and a forteen month old the 3month will not at all sleep at night she cries all night to be piked up and sometimes i do give in and let her in my bed but the amount of times either me or my boyfriend have nearly rolled on her i would now rather be exhausted than take the risk also once they star gettin used to being in your bed it is a nightmare to get them back in there own. my forteen month old is gettin 3 back teeth all at once so he screems histerically through the night then is up at the crack of dawn the next morning when my youngest decides to go to sleep. and to top all off i am a full time student so i gotta go out the next day come home, sort the babies out then do course work it is one big circle. the best thing you can do is keep her in her cot in your room until she sleeps right through the night all the time because atleast if she wakes up crying in your room then its only one of them cryin not two. i had my eldest in a strict feeding routine from the day he was born and he slept right through from six weeks old and still does unless he has teething pain or had a poo etc but my youngest i demand fed and she is a nightmare for sleeping

Helen - posted on 04/12/2009




id defo put the little baby in ur room an give them different bed times b very strict i ave a 5yr old a 3 yr old a 1yr old an a 4 month old they r all asleep by 7 the eldest two share a room but i ave never tolirated nusianse they ave a bath pjs on then bed wiv a story or dvd dependin on how good they r the light goes out an thats that till the morn b harse it may sound cruel but they will thank you for it wen they an you get good nites sleep

Vicky - posted on 04/07/2009




my kids also have to share a room, same scenario one wakes we r all awake! when the baby was small i did have his cot in my room until he was both a yr, then i put it in his sisters room.now it tends to be the older one waking although mostly she wont wake him up. id say if possible keep the baby with u until she sleeps through the night then move her back with her sister. i know it was heaven to have my room back to just myself and my man.

Cheryl - posted on 04/05/2009




I understand your dilemma. My girls are one and two, 10 months apart. We just moved the one year in with the two year old so that we may get some sleep. Big mistake. The baby was sleeping thru the night till we moved her. Now when i hear her wake up i get her pacifier and lay down with her to keep her quiet. Should i remember to get up and go back to bed, we have all managed to have a decent night sleep. Good luck.

Jennifer - posted on 04/03/2009




My two are a year and 3 days apart. They have to share a room, so I have the younger one (who is 9 months old) in a playpen in our room. He used to sleep with us, but we got him to start putting himself to sleep, which is really nice, but then we had the same problem you're having. He'd wake up in the middle of the night and wake her up. If you can, I would suggest putting a playpen in your room. That way if she does wake up, you can quickly get her back to sleep without waking anyone else up.

Anna - posted on 04/01/2009




Hi Holly,
I am going though a similar thing with my two... My daughter is 25 months and my son is 10 months.. Luckily they have their own rooms... My son wakes up at least 4 times a night and thats before midnight. He cries so loudly that he wakes up my daughter and the cycle begins... I am also at my wits end. I have no idea what to do and I am just running from room to room to get them to go back to sleep...

My only suggestion that I can think off the top of my head is maybe getting a sound machine in your girls room... My daughter has had one since my son was born and up until a month ago it was what worked best... She would sleep through everything... And its nice to listen to he ocean, or rain, or whatever you enjoy listening to to sooth...

I am probably not much help... But it was nice to see that other mommys are having the sleeping problem as well...

Good luck with everything

Krystal - posted on 03/16/2009




i don't do it - but i know for some families co-sleeping works for them. it scares me too much to do it! i remember once i fell asleep with my daughter in bed with me after nursing her (she was about 6 weeks old and her older brother was just 14 1/2 months old. needless to say i was exhausted!!). my husband came to bed and put her in the pack n play next to the bed. i woke up and freaked out because i didn't remember him taking her out of my arms. i now can't sleep with them in bed! even with my now 2 1/2 year old who very rarely comes in there - and he's old enough that i dont need to really worry about him.

it's a tough call at 6 months. some babies aren't ready to sleep thru the night yet. i think my pedi said that at 7 months babies are able to regulate their blood sugar and should be able to sleep thru the night. Is your youngest teething? or reaching a milestone? things like this can cause regular sleep patterns to be pushed to the side. if so maybe you could put her in your room or a guest room (if you have it) until she's back to sleeping regularly.Is she sleeping regularly? Maybe you could try putting on some white noise music. that may help drown out some of the fussyness. i don't know if its a good thing or not to remove your youngest from the room. i would worry then that your older daughter won't get used to the noises of her sister. but it's important that she gets her sleep!!!

Sorry i'm not of much help! Good luck!

Jessica - posted on 03/15/2009




is it possible to put the younger one in  your room? not in your bed with you just in your room? sometimes that can be comforting for young babies. And as she gets older, gradually move the cot closer and closer out of your room? Hang in there, im sure it will get better soon!

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