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Hey! so my daughter just turned 7 months old and im already almost 4 months pregnant, which means my babies will be just over a year nervous because i dont know what to expect! Mercedes(my daughter) will be around 13 months old when this baby is born so im just wondering how advance are they at that stage? and what really challenging things should i be expecting when this baby is born?


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I had twins when my oldest was 13mos. Now when I look at kids who are that little I can't imagine how we did it!! She was advanced for her age (walked at 7.5mos) so that helped b/c she could walk with me while I carried the twins. There isn't a lot that she could "help" with, but she knew how to get a diaper or grab a toy for them.
They are all girls and seem to interact just like siblings would. They are protective of each other and they play together very well. In fact, when one gets in trouble the other two try to plead that she shouldn't be in's kinda cute! It is nice b/c all of the same toys/books/etc are mostly age appropriate for all of them!
It was very challenging at first, but we were on the same eating/sleeping schedule for most of the time (and still are). That makes it a ton easier too! I also agree with pp about the older one not being spoiled. You will likely not have any jealousy issues with the oldest b/c this will become "just the way it's always been". My girls really don't know what it would be like not to have two other sisters around all the time!

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My two youngest are 15 months apart. It is challenging, but you will find that you do adjust. Like Bridget mentioned, you will be missing a lot of sleep at the beginning because you won't be able to sleep when your baby does like everyone tells you to do with a newborn. Double stroller and park next to cart corals when needing to go grocery shopping. This way you can put them right in the cart at car side. A baby sling helps free your hands when holding the little one so you can tend to the older little one. You can get one like, "hotslings" that you can carry the baby when she is little in a craddle position and then the same sling works to carry them in side carry on hip position when they get a little older. I actually do this now while grocery shopping. My 9 month old goes in a sling/carrier while my 2 year old sits in the cart. I also do this for doctors apts. They do adjust. My 2 year old is actually helpful at entertaining my 9 month old because she finds him entertaining to watch and he likes to play peek a boo with her and tickle her toes to make her laugh. Bed time is the biggest challenge. It is easier for me to get the 2 yo in bed first,after story and a little rocking. I have my 9 month old in the room with me and just hope she doesn't get fussy. I then get the baby to bed. If anything ealse having the second one has stopped my from spoiling my 2 yo so much becasue I don't have the time to fuss over him as much as I used to. I will say that he makes sure that he gets his attention though. Bath time was also a challenge for me, but you find what works for you. I bath the older one while the little sits in a bouncer next to me and of lately, I just give them baths together because the 2 yo get jealous if he sees her getting a bath without him. Good luck.

Bridget - posted on 03/18/2010




hey dawn! i have three children my two little girls are 14 months apart then my little girl and little boy are 20 months apart. so i know how it is to be anticipating births really close together. it can be overwhelming sometimes but it gets easier. the first few months after my second child's birth were pretty hard i was exhausted after being up all night with the newborn then my toddler waking up at the crack of dawn. so i didnt sleep was difficult going out with them in the daytime too when they were both really small..i would definently suggest getting a double stroller and a extra large diaper bag...but it is really rewarding and fun to and it does get easier as they get older.....good luck with everything!

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