Alright mommies, Im gonna need you big time on this one... Diaper rash or thrush?

Tiffany - posted on 08/31/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son since he was big enough to fit the nb has been wearing luvs diapers and we have had very few issues with rashes besides the occasional diarrhea and such. Now within the past few weeks we are out of nowhere so rashes so raw they become blisters and ever remedy we try seems to work.... Until within hours it comes back even worse! So we've dumped the luvs and tried huggies because the grandma's believed they werent having such issues with those but he was always coming home looking the same if not worse! So we switched to cloth and Ive even started soaking them through even an extra rinse cycle since they seemed to help for a bit before the same bout happens to no avail! So tell me mamma's.... Ive tried just about all remedies, and yes of course air dry does work but thats not the most practical solution in the fully carpeted apartment so I need a real solution...

now I was just reading up on another moms post about her sons rash and one had brought thrush to the table.. And I realized I had never even thought about it, normally it was considered with nursing nb's and being oral in my brain but now it's starting to make sense. Please throw all advise at me, sadly my sons medicaid have been fighting with me so Ive been trying to find outside answers but if its thrush I want to feel like ive got some back up if I have to end up going in and paying the dreaded copay and then the rest!


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Heidi - posted on 09/14/2011




Is he on a milk formula? My son was breast fed for a year, and then switched to milk. He had not had a rash ever until a month or so after he started drinking milk. He can not digest lactose (sugar in milk) and so the sugar was left in his stool attracting all the germs that cause rashes, and causing open blister rashes, that almost looked like a burn. We switched him to lactad, and the rash has not come back it has been 8mo.

Erin - posted on 09/12/2011




While I'm not sure about the thrush issue. My daughter has allergic reactions to disposables. She can handle Huggies and Target brand.. but cannot wear them for longer than a couple weeks at a stretch. She will start to get these rashes that end up as huge open sores. Of course she is allergic to conventional diaper rash cream as well. We have used bed sore cream and it helps at times, but with the cloth diapering we can't use it with them. I have tried using Neosporin or the Walmart brand and it works by clearing it up almost overnight! I even use them with the cloth diapers and it doesnt seem to clog them up much. Just to make sure I throw a little dish soap in with the diaper pail to make sure I get it all. I hope that helps! She doesn't rash up much, but when she does it turns into sores and neosporin seems to be the only thing that works prettty fast for her.

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