Are all cloth diapers so bulky?

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I bought some gdiapers (dont have the cloth inserts) but the lady gave me prefolds that she got a walmart and some gdiaper flushables. They are so bulky. I cant hardly get my daughters pants on. I have some other kinds now but I havent tried them yet, but they look like they are going to be bulky as well. My daughter is 15lbs but she has a small butt. The mediums fit but they are just so bulky.


Brittney - posted on 04/02/2010




I like the gdiapers when I use the flushables but I would rather not have to flush them or throw them away. My septic take can not handle flushing toliet paper much less the huge flushables that come with the diapers. I also see the flushables as just another disposable option. Why use cloth if I am throwing something away. I am going to go to the gdiaper website and buy some inserts when I get paid and see how those work for me. Other than the bulky. I love the gdiapers. Dont like pockets.


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Danica - posted on 04/03/2010




Flip diapers are awesome, but I thought that gdiapers weren't very bad. But I use bulkier diapers then gdiapers. My favorite is flip.

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A lot of people find that they have to use 2 or 3 of the gcloth inserts in order to get enough absorbancy, I would sugest gflappers from the nappyshoppe instead, they are more absorbant so you only need to use one and they stay trimmer. At 15 Lbs you are just on the edge of needing the mediums so they will fit a little bit bigger for the next while. Also just wondering what size prefolds you are using in them? A premium prefold will need to be folded down in the front and will cause more bulk, but an infant one should fit in there simply trifolded and not really give too much bulk. Are the gerber prefolds you have the 100% cotton ones or the ones with the poly gauze stuff in them? the 100% cotton ones will work but the other ones will give you more bulk without a lot of absorbancy. I like indian prefolds over chinese ones for in the g's.

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Baby Beehinds Magic-alls, Bubba Moo's, Itty Bitti & Tots Bots are all excellent & trimmer in size. You will need to look for fitted, all-in-one or pocket type nappies as these are trimmer options. You will find that you need to buy for each sizing type (sml, med, lge) if you choose this option. Sometimes I buy the next size up in pants just to be sure they will fit, but most fit fine underneath his clothes. Summer is great as you can just have a nappy & singlet & show off the great fabrics they come in :D
Google cloth nappy's or modern cloth nappies & you will find a wealth of styles & brands. Hope this helps :p

M - posted on 04/01/2010




Some are, but not all cloth diapers are bulky. Some recommended / top rated trim brands include the following:

Rocky Mountain One Size Diapers

SPOSOEASY™ All In One Diapers

POOTERS™ Bamboo One Size Pocket Diaper

FLIP Diapers by Cotton Babies

Another option would be to purchase hemp cloth inserts for your gdiapers. Hemp is antimicrobial, very absorbent and very trim. Baby Kicks Joey Bunz Hemp Inserts have very good ratings for this sort of thing. I personally have never tried hemp inserts in a gdiaper but my guess is that it should work. Plus it will save you some money so you won't have to buy a whole new set of diapers.

This website organizes its diapers by trimness of fit.

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