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My baby is 5 months old and starting to have more solid poo so I was wondering what the best method of cleaning those dipes? Before when his poo was newborn & liquidy I just threw them in a dry diaper pail and then threw them in the washing machine, no problem. My deal is that although his poo is more solid it still isn't solid enough to just shake into the toilet. When I read around before I had my babe I found that most people don't find it necessary to dunk their dipes in the toilet or use a wet diaper pail (don't really want to use wet diaper pail-to heavy & stinky & dangerous once my little one is mobile)...

Any ideas?? I'm using fuzzi bunz one size pockets & perfect fit & snap-ez one size.


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I have the bumgenius diaper sprayer and I love it. It gets all the poo off. I even use it if it leaks through on her clothes and it cleans them too. I highly recommend it.

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I use Fuzzi Bunz perfect fit, if you grab the front of the diaper where it is stitched together and grab just the fleece by the pocket and stretch the fleece, fleece side down, most times I can get most of it off that way. I wash diapers for a 6 month old, a 13 month old and a 17 month old. Good luck, If I can't get it off the diaper like that, then I just throw it in the wash I use a cold no soap fast wash cycle. Followed by a long hot wash cycle. I haven't had too many serious issues. A little bit of staining, but the diapers are clean so I am not worried.

Melissa - posted on 02/11/2010




Well, perhaps you would enjoy a sprayer that connects to your toilet to ensure that all of the solids get off before they go into the wash. I have the one bumgenius offers on hand for when my little one gets to that point!

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