brand? how many? use either way?

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I am thinking of getting sunbaby pocket diapers (24 covers + 48 inserts for $144) so affordable I hope they are deecent. How many will I need for both my boys? 24 enough? I have a 4m old and a 22m old that will hopefully be potty trained within the next few months. cant I use pocket diapers like AI2s if I want by just putting insert on top instead of in pocket or will that not work

OK no using inserts outside of pocket...gotcha.

I don't mind washing everyday I just want enough to cloth diaper fulltime so I dont have to buy disposables at all. I wasnt sure how many I would go thru a day with both boys.


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Angela - posted on 05/28/2011




I use Sunbaby's and GoGreen Pocket Diapers and haven't had any problems with them.

To answer your question....I was able to use one insert during the day on my 2 year old (the cloth was a HUGE help in getting her PT'd) and then I'd add a second one at night on top - so I'd have the one insert that I had stuffed into the pocket and an extra on top. I do the same with her now at night. My little one is six months and I do the same for her at night as well.

I'm surprised at how nice the Sunbaby's are for the money. The only problem I noticed was that they're not a uniform size. I have some that are super small and I can't use anymore because my little one is a chunky baby and she seems uncomfortable with those ones.

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My cousin uses sunbaby and loves them. The brand I use is called Rocky Mountain.

I have a three year old that wears the diapers while nap and night time. I also have a 10 week old. I own 12 diapers total. It's enough. The three year old has three fitted to her size and my baby uses the other 9. I wash once a day.

I found that using two inserts at night didn't work. It created too much padding and pulled the diaper away from her bum creating a gap that leaked. The solution: I wrap a fold to fit bamboo viscose around one insert. It's MUCH less bulky and absorbs very well. NO more leaks!

Tammy - posted on 05/27/2011




Yes, one insert per cover, which usually should be changed every two hours. I have found that these nappies dont work well for bedtime as they leak, so I use a Motherease nappy with an 'airflow' cover. I have been using them for bedtime for a long time and havent had one leak. I only have three nighttime nappies. You may need a few more than that for your 4mo. If you are in Australia, their website is or look at ebay. Motherease is fairly expensive, about $20ea new, but as long as you have a fitted nappy with a cover you should be fine. To sum it up, I would recommend to purchase about 35 x Pocket Nappies for daytime use for both kids and about 6 x Fitted nappies with 4 x Covers for nighttime use for both kids. Another website you can look at is as they post worldwide, I really like them too. If you have any other questions please let me know!

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So 1 insert during the day will work for a toddler?

I assume I will need 2 inserts at bedtime but will I need 2 for the 4 month old at night as well?

Tammy - posted on 05/26/2011




Hi Ashley,
I already posted to your other conversation but would like to mention that my entire pocket stash is from Sunbaby- I have been using them for almost two years and the only problem I have ever had was the elastic snapped in the back of one of them. However dont worry about getting twice as many inserts for the covers, and you probably wont use them. Alicia is right, the insert is designed to go inside the pocket as the pocket part is the stay dry against bubs bum. Onlly takes a few seconds to stuff each insert into the cover anyway. After a couple hours all you have to to is change bub into a new nappy and throw the used one into your nappy bin. As they are very cheap, you could start by buying 24 covers and 24 inserts and work your way up from there.

Alicia - posted on 05/26/2011




I've been told not to put the insert on top because the microfiber inserts were not designed to go next to the baby's bottom. I understand that the pocket part of the diaper wicks the moisture away from the bum. They're really not hard to stuff.

I haven't heard of that brand. I usually try to try out diapers before investing in a lot of them. Some sites have trial programs.

Whether or not that's enough depends on how often you wash them. GIve it a try and then see if you need more, or if you want a different brand. You can always fill in with disposables until you figure out your routine of washing and how often and if you need more.

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