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My first baby is due October 1, and we're wanting to use cloth diapers. I've read a little about it in my pregnancy and baby books, but when I look online there's too much information to process. Does anyone know of a good beginners source? A "idiot's guide" to cloth diaper and how to start and what to buy...I don't have any baby experience and don't want to give up on the cloth diapers too soon because I get frustrated on not knowing how to do it. Thanks.


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I start CDing when my oldest was about 19months and my youngest was 4 or 5months. I had bought my first two covers (2 bummis whisper wraps) from a local diaper store. Then I bought diapers from and . Then I bought a sewing machine and started making my own. I will say, invest in cloth wipes. I didnt realize it right away. But if you use disposable wipes, its just a habit to throw it in the diaper and be done. But when its laundry time, you have to pick out the gross wipes and throw them away. With cloth wipes you can just toss all of it in the wash. Good luck.

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162 is a great blog resource. I also recommend checking out This site lists answers to alot of cloth diaper questions and also features instructional videos. Here are two to get you started.

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I am new to cloth diapering as well. My baby was born on June 19. One helpful thing I had recommended to me are to not use cloth diapers until the meconium has passed (it is very difficult to wash out). We also decided to wait until her cord stump fell off so that the diapers would not rub on it. There are lots of things I am still finding out along the way, such as the type of laundry detergent you use matters. I now use Charlies Soap. Also not all diaper creams are compatible with cloth diapers.

This is a site that explains the different types of diapering systems there are.

Good luck


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I would suggest This was a very helpful website for me.

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Try to find a local store that carries a variety of cloth diapers and go in and ask questions. If you can't find one locally, check out websites like that offer trial packages as well as "previously loved" diapers. is also an amazing source of information from BTDT mama's as well as a great place to build your initial stash. I agree with trying several different types of diapers. When I was PG with my LO I was convinced I wanted a certain brand of diaper but once he showed up that brand didn't work for him at all.

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I've cloth diapered two children and will CD the third due in January. Best advice I can give you is to buy a couple of different styles and give them a try and find out what you like the best. I thought we'd do fitteds with a cover but found out it's easier for us to have an AIO (All in One), especially for dads and babysitters.

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Thanks, the info was great-especially the video. I think we may try hybrids since he will be in home care three days a week. That way she can use disposable and we can use cloth inserts.

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