Cloth Diaper Advocacy Ideas?

Jen - posted on 08/22/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hey cloth diapering mommas,

I'm considering ways to advocate for cloth diapers in my community, and perhaps get involved in selling them alongside that venture.

What are some ways that you would think would help a non-coth diapering family decide to go with cloth?

I think there are a couple different types of families out there:

Those who would absolutely consider cloth, no question, if they knew how easy and cute modern cloth is and that it would save them money. Or if you would just pop the idea into their head, they would think, well didn't consider that originally but that's a good idea!

Those who would consider cloth with considerably more convincing, or a diaper service, or flushable liners, or some other trick to make diapers absolutely 100% easy.


What kind of demographics do you think would consider cloth?

Poverty level families could def benfit from the cost savings, what do you think would be some challenges for families that live on the poverty level(either bc they've grown up in that demographic all their life, or unforseen circumstances that brought them to this income level even though they grew up low or upper middle class, like divorce or job loss)?

Do you think middle to upper middle classes would be persauded more by the envirionmental benifits?

How do you balance your approach of environmental benefits/ duh and benefits for baby, without turning people off who would otherwise be interested by the cost savings alone?

When do you think the best time is to "catch" a family to interest them in cloth?

How would you go about contacting hospitals and OB-GYNs to advertise and offer cloth 101 classes or something similar? What do you think of asking hospotials if you could piggy back onto their Baby 101 class with a five minute introduction to cloth diapers (with the premise that their child might be sensitive to disposable diapers and it might be a medical neccessity to look at cloth, and good information can help them get started in the right way. And of course you hand out a card with your number so they can contact you for more details concerning cloth. I know, we all know that 100% of children are affected conversely by all the nasties in constant contact with disposables, but I don't want to turn people off)

What about the OB-GYN? Pamphlets in the waiting room?

What about brochures or cards in the maternity ward patient folders?

What about setting up booths at community events or decorating a diaper float for a parade? What would you visually focus on? Besides choosing the cutest cloth diapers to show off, of course!

What about having a booth at your community's Farmer Market?

Looking forward to your input and ideas!

The Real Diaper Association is a resource, also, is anyone a member? Just wanted to know if it's worth joining or not.



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Erin - posted on 08/27/2009




Great ideas - love idea about talking with a Babies 101 class - maybe talking to moms groups - I am not a pamphlet person so I don't know how well that would work. I think you need let people hold a diaper and to see how great they are.
Like Antonelia I never saw the different types of cloth and did not know how easy they were. I had a friend using prefold and I knew they were not for me but I did not know how wonderful and easy pockets were.

Antonella - posted on 08/27/2009




I think what you are trying to do is great. I can't speak for others but I know what prevented me from using cloth right away was just that I've never seen cloth diapers, I didn't know how it works and I figured it would be a lot of extra work(when I mentioned it to my mom, she was thinking it was like old school CDs, which isn't the case!)

I think if I would have seen more cloth diapers in stores and seen how easy it is, I def would have started sooner. I knew about it being better for the environment but it seemed like it would be too much trouble for me.

Anyway, I think if people just saw cloth diapers, they'd be more likely to try them. I gave my new mom friend one of mine and she is going to CD now.

Good luck!

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