Cloth diaper HELP for heavy wetter at night!

Naomi - posted on 10/13/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son is 18 months and is a super heavy wetter at night. We're already using a BumGenius diaper with an added hemp insert and he still wakes up wet. Plus because he's so "thick" around the waist the BG is stretched to it's limit so we couldn't possibly add another extra insert. Does anyone have any suggestions on what they do to last the whole night thru? I don't mind getting a new diaper just for night use, I'm just tired of the mess in the mornings.


Vilate - posted on 10/14/2009




so, as Kimberly said I would reccomend looking in to wool covers. Wool is amazing. I would reccomend it to anyone needing more cover at night!

I would also reccomend my nifty nappy!
I love my diapers and i have only had rave review about them. I actually have a gurantee on them now. If you don't love them send them back! *see FAQS
My diapers have an absorbent layer of hemp and then a layin insert that you fold in half that adds 2 more layers of hemp plus 2 layers of bamboo. then covered with a wool cover I would stand these up to any diaper. If you little on is a really, REALLY heavy wetter i would suggest an extra insert for night.
I understand the mess thing. i hated that my baby would wake up soping every morning and i had to wash bedding everyday! Since I found my combo of nifty nappy and wool covers we have had NO leaks! It is great! I hope you can find something that works for you!

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Ya, I've heard good things about the drybee's fleece, too. I just use the regular drybee's and they seriously wick better than ANYTHING ELSE! My daughter was going through 3 OS wahmies inserts a night. But now she just uses one super do 2g. I got a large so it's a little bulky on her. But they are perfect for night time! If I got the mediums, she could probably even wear them during the day! lol. hope this helps you out. :)

Brooke - posted on 10/14/2009




You might try Dry Bees Fleece Night Time Diaper. I have not tried these yet, but have heard really great things about them being wonderful for overnight & heavy wetters. One person who did use them on her son said she loved them & used them into his potty training, which I think sounds nice as I'm headed in that direction soon with my 19 month old. My son generally uses BumGenius with the two inserts & does fine, but has an occasional soaker night, usually only if he drinks water right before bed. Anyway, we also use in rotation Earth's Best disposables at night, because I don't have nearly as many BumGenius dipes as I'd like. I have used a DryBees regular pocket diaper with an extra hemp but it has leaked some nights. I suggest trying these Fleece Night Time ones if you want a change. I'd like to hear more about cloth diaper solutions for night time too. Here is a link to a company that sells the DryBees night time one. Good luck!

Kimberly - posted on 10/13/2009




My son is also 18 months and wears bumGenius 3.0 pockets at night. He's not a terrifically heavy wetter, but we do occasionally get leaks, especially around the waist, which - like on your son - isn't fitting so well anymore. I've tried Kiwi Pie fitteds with a wool soaker cover, but found the Kiwi Pie wasn't absorbent enough. I've ordered a couple of Vilate's Nifty Nappies and will try those as soon as they arrive again with a wool soaker. I've heard that using wool at night is TOTALLY the way to go for heavy wetters, but I'm just trying to find the best solution for what to put UNDER the wool. :) I have used my Blueberry Minky Deluxe diapers for nighttime, with the insert they come with and a hemp babies little weeds and they worked perfectly. They are a bit larger than the bG and so didn't leak around the waist for us. But at $30 per diaper, we only have 2 and probably aren't going to buy anymore. (Oh, how I love them...but that's just so much money!) I'd check out Vilate's website for info about wool if you aren't familiar with it's benefits, or you can read the "cloth diaper" entries on my blog at Wish I could be more help, but hopefully these ideas will get you going on some solution! :)

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