Cloth Diaper Inserts & Doublers...and the fabric they are made of....?????'s galore

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I am new to cloth diapering. The diapers I chose to have made for me area a hybrid of sorts. They are pocket diapers with an inner PUL then a decorative fabric as the outer if the diaper is laid OPEN infront of you the layers are as follows from bottom to top (layer on table to layer you see facing up)...outside fabric...solid or patteren, PUL, fleece, with pocket inbetween the PUL & fleece. I am having some issues with what to put in the pocket...I am getting confused with the terminology too...Do I use a cloth insert or doubler? Right now i am using (in a pinch, because I am anxious to use them) tri-fold cloth diapers (like the ones you get for burp cloths) folded in thirds accordian style then in half to fit in the this right?

What is the difference between inserts & doublers, how are they different? Why is raw silk offered to place in a diaper? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method/fabric? I heard you shouldn't put micro fiber right on baby's skin because of it's super wicking capabilites and it will pull the moisture out of the skin AND the diaper and dry out baby's skin but you can use it as long as it's not touching baby....



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So you got some good info. You are right about the microfiber going next to the baby's skin cause it will dry it out. But it is great to use as an insert for a pocket. When I used pockets I used microfiber cloths with a piece of heavy flannel sewn on and then sewn together in a fortune cookie style. (folded sides in and in so it make one in thirds) with the flannel on the outside then sew across the top. This way you have more layers of absorbency and they dry easily and fold easier! :)
I love hemp and bamboo though! They are great! I use them in my cloth diapers and mama pads and nursing pads! My diapers dry in one dryer cycle too! :)
The microfiber and flannel is the cheaper way to get good absorbency for sure, but you might want to invest in a few hemp/bamboo ones for nights. I make and sell some in my etsy shop. You can see them here to get an idea.
Also you should make sure that the person that is making them doesn't do an inside seam. I found out the hard way :( that PUL will wick the moisture from the inside to the outside layer of the diaper in the crotch and around the legs. They need to do a casing for the elastic and then just serge the outside of the diaper. Like my diapers I have on my shop. Really do this. It sucks to spend so much on diapers and then end up with them leaking all the time! hope this helps!
Oh, you also want the inside layer to be microfleece not just fleece since fleece is naturally water resistant. Water just beads up on fleece, but the microfleece will wick the moisture away into the absorbent layers inside the diaper.
Let us know how it goes.


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Ola - posted on 12/21/2013




Hello. I want to make my own cloth diapers. Can you please tell me where I can buy the natural fabrics. Like hemp, bamboo and microfiber.

Kim - posted on 05/14/2009




I use pocket diapers, Happy Heinys and Bum Genius. The inserts for these diapers are microfiber. Doublers are just an extra insert to put in in addition to what is already in the pocket if you need extra absorbancy. My inserts and doublers seem to be the same thickness. Mine are also 2 different lengths, the shorter one being for newborns and the longer one for toddlers.

I don't have an answer for you about the tri-fold cloth diapers, I don't use those.

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