cloth diapers or disposable diapers

Thea - posted on 06/23/2009 ( 18 moms have responded )




i have 3 kids and used disposible diapers for them all. im planning on haveing another baby soon and im not sure if i should go to cloth diapers. i will save a ton of money by using cloth. im not sure what kind to use or how many i will need.

please give me your opinion on cloth vs. disposable and whats the best kind and # you bought...


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Amie - posted on 09/05/2011




There is a web site you can go to that you can try ten or more, I can't remember, different cloth diapers for a month. to help you pick your favorite one. My favorite are flips because they grow with my daughter. It didn't cost much at all to get everything I needed till she is potty trained.

Leah - posted on 08/23/2011




cloth is cheeper i you have a couple kids on them at once, if you others are out of diapers disposable can be just as cheep if you're good with buying on sale or finding deals online. both diapering styles have hidden costs, disposable: are you buying diaper pail liners? Cloth: are you buying fancy detergent and flushable liners to make the poops easier?
I use bum genius one size with the towel like inserts instead of pre-folds never been a fan of them. I paid roughly $500 for 18 diapers 12 packs of flushable liners and 12 extra inserts. You really don't need the fancy detergent, just wash on hot and hang to dry and any diaper should last you through at least 1 child, if not 2 :)

Naomi - posted on 06/27/2009




def. cloth, so many reasons
better for the baby (no toxic chemicals and they potty train earlier - that's a plus for parents)
better for the environment

there are soooo many different types, you should try several. there are a few companies that do trial packages, they send you a variety of diapers to try out.
in our household we mainly use prefolds (cheap, flats are even cheaper) and pul covers and wool covers (not so cheap but breathable/natural/pretty)

Kate - posted on 06/25/2009




Love cloth! Would never do it any other way. I like pocket diapers, although they are not the cheapest option. If you can sew they are VERY cheap though (costs me around $2 each). If you do one-size diapers (which is not my preference but a lot of people like them) you can buy 24 - 30 diapers and it'll cost about $500 from birth to potty training. If you can sew ANYTHING it will help cut down costs a lot. I designed all my own diapers and I'm spending about $200 on my whole stash. So, I'm a little biased, I never buy diapers. :)

Stina - posted on 06/25/2009




I have three kids who have been cloth diapered accept while we were in apartments withouta machine. During those times, I really missed my cloth diapers.

With #3, we do a combination of cloth and disposable... Disposable when out and about and at night. Cloth during most of the day. I have chinese prefolds abd bummies whisper wraps. Snappies for fastening can't be beat. In my bathroom I keep a large Ace hardware bucket for wet diapers and a smaller bucket (from laundry detergent) with some water in it for the dirties. We wash our diapers every other day.

Temeeka - posted on 06/24/2009




I would go to cloth- I have 2 in Cloth- although 1 only at nights.

I think they're more expensive lol- But- I don't buy the everyday cloth Nappies I guess.

Go cloth- Just because it's better in everyway- Highly Enjoyable = and not so time consuming that people "Don't have the time"

Go for it :) You will love it

Ebony - posted on 06/23/2009




Check out the brand Baby kanga if you interested in one size pocket nappies. we have a heaps of different brands including bum genius and i prefer Baby kanga by far! They are a really slim fitting, great quality and easy to clean nappy which look brand new wash after wash!

Jocelyn - posted on 06/23/2009




i'd say go with cloth, i used kushies with my first (but i don't recommend that brand...they were ok, but not great) this time around i'm going to use fuzzibunz (one size pocket diaper) and grobaby diapers (snap in '2-in-one diapers', pretty expensive for one, but you only need a few shells (at full price) and then a bunch of snap in liners). i also use a disposable paper liner thing to help with bm clean ups. i had about 24 kushies, and i'm going to use probably 10 fuzzibunz and 6 grobaby shells (with about 24 liners).
go to they have great reviews and discussions

Dena - posted on 06/23/2009




Cloth for sure!! Prefolds are the cheapest and pretty easy. I have 18 prefolds plus a 3 "fancy" diapers for grandma! I wash about every 2-3 days. We do however use a disposable at night. There are soo many benefits to cloth, (environment, money, toilet train earlier, less rashes) that they easily out way the con of having to wash a bit of poop now and then!

Julie - posted on 06/23/2009




I have 2 in diapers and another due any day. I tried sposies after my 3rd child and hated it! My favorite dipes are Fuzzi bunz and bum genius..they are super convient ans wick moisture really well...on the down side it's costly to get started with those brands.. $25 per diaper! I have 49 diapers and wash every 3rd day..24 is probably a good number of diapers..should last you 2 days. I agree prefolds are the cheapiet way to go!

Holley - posted on 06/23/2009




Cloth totally rocks! We are loving it. I'm not sure where you live, but there is a great website called They make a fitted prefold, wich has been my favorite. I use the snappi closures and Thirsties covers. I hear Fuzzi Bunz is a great choice for pockets, as well as Bum Genius. Good luck!

Vilate - posted on 06/23/2009





I have a webpage that i designed to be able to direct newbies too.

it has types of cloth diapers, types of covers, the kind of detergents you will want to use, wool info and care of cloth diapers. I hope that you will browse through and hope it helps! Good luck and congrats on the little one!

Laura - posted on 06/23/2009




I picked up about one of everything and then a good stock of prefolds and cover (cheapest and can use for other things) until I decided what I like best. To my suprise its prefolds with a snappi and a good cover. I still picked up a few more pockets for Daddy and others.

I did use disposables for our first and wish I had tried cloth with her. I love cloth to no end.

Helen - posted on 06/23/2009




Cloth, without a doubt! You can choose between preforms, which look just like disposables but are washed, or terry squares. Either way you will save loads. We also rarely used wipes, we made our own out of fleece and £3.50's worth lasted two and a half years. If you go to there are pages and pages of tips with all the info you need and you can access them without buying anything. Ebay is a great way to get hold of everything you need. On the eco front, remember that if Henry VIII had worn disposables, they would still be around as that's how long they take to decay!

Tricia - posted on 06/23/2009




Your cheapest option is prefolds with covers. Depending on your kid's ages/sizes, you'll need a number of sizes of diapers. Prefolds are $1-2 a piece and you buy them by the dozen. You'll need 10-15 prefolds per day for each kid, so if you do laundry every day you'll need 1-2 dozen per kid and if you do laundry every-other day, you'll need 2-3 dozen per kid. You'll need 3-5 covers per day for each kid (you only need to change covers when they get poop on them). You'll find a huge range of cost and styles for those. I use Thirsties for about $11 a piece, and they've been great for the past 6 months on my LO. We've gone through 2 sizes so far out of the 4 sizes they make. (Just a tip, if you go with thirsties (or another brand with lots of colors), buy your different sizes in different colors. That way it's easy to tell, the yellow ones are for the baby, the green ones are for the oldest, etc.) For cloth wipes I use baby washcloths and the easiest wipe solution I found online.

Your easiest option (and by far the most expensive) is to just buy a whole bunch of BumGenius 3.0 diapers. They'll fit every one of your kids, and they're as easy to use as disposables. You just have to wash them instead of throwing them away. You'll need 10-15 diapers per day for each kid. At $16 per diaper and for 4 kids, it's a total of $640-960. So you'll pay for the convenience. However, BumGenius have a good resale value. So you can probably sell them for 2/3 of what you paid if you take good care of them.

Have fun!

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