Cloth nappies out and about!

Josia - posted on 12/14/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hi everyone,
I'm writing an article on cloth nappies and i wanted to know (both for the article and my own interest) for those of you who like to use cloth nappies full time:

If you're out shopping how do you clean them? Especially number twos? Do you wrap them in a plastic bag, or wash them in the sink etc.

If you're at a friends house for the day how do you clean them?

What do you use to mask the smell?

If any of you have had to do long car trips with cloth diapered munchkins how have you coped using them? How were they cleaned and kept in the car? And what did you do to mask the smell?

How do you pack your cloth nappies? (as in do you use two wetbags or a wetbag and a plastic bag)

Thanks! Would really love your feedback :) I use disposables when i'm out because i'm just not confident enough to use cloth diapers/nappies when i'm out!



Jenna - posted on 12/16/2010




Really when I'm out it's not a lot different than when I'm home :) If DD poops, I dump it into the toilet, and may have to use some TP to get it off if it's sticky. Ya, gross, but better in the toilet than in my wetbag! Then I stuff everything in a zippered wetbag and put back in my diaper bag. Easy peasy.

I also take my cloth on vacation. We are usually visiting relatives and I just bring a big wetbag and also pre-measured detergent and do laundry wherever I'm at.

Tammy - posted on 12/14/2010




I always carry a wetbag with me when I am out with my son- so if its wet, I just put it in the wetbag. I always line my sons nappies with liners so if its poopy, I take the liner out, pop it into a minature rubbish nappy bag, put that in the rubbish bin and then put the nappy in the wetbag as per normal. The wetbag keeps in any smells, but its not that smelly really. My sons day bag is fairly large so it can hold about 8 nappies, so I put the clean nappies in his bag, and the dirty nappies in the wetbag. My wetbag holds about 15 wet nappies so there is no problem there. The longest car trip we went on was a two day drive, I just did the same except I put all the nappies in a seperate bag, and brought our nappy bin with us since we would be away for awhile, so they went in the sealed nappy bin instead of the wetbag.

Sarah - posted on 12/14/2010




I use old plastic grocery bags & tie them closed when i put the diapers in them. For older children, shake off the poop into the toilet same as home. for the breast fed stools, just roll up the diaper and put it in the bag. I haven't had any problems with doing cloth diapers out and about, half the time people want you to take your disposeables home with you anyway, so it's not that much of a switch. We are going for our first car trip with the 2 month old this weekend and I'll probably just put a fleece doubler in his diaper when I get him ready for the car seat. But really, it won't be all that different than if he's down for a normal nap.

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I carry a wetbag in my diaper bag -- it's a bag made out of the same PUL material as diaper covers. For solid poops, I would dump whatever solids would dump into the toilet, flush it, fold up the diaper and put it in the bag. I wouldn't bother with trying to rinse them when out, although you certainly could. I never noticed a smell. Honestly, I think poopy disposables smell MUCH more than a cloth diaper with a little poop on it since the poop on a cloth diaper goes into the toilet (where it belongs). For longer trips, I would bring a larger bag to store them in. My boys always wore cloth for long trips as well -- I never noticed a problem. You just follow the same procedures as usual.


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M - posted on 12/19/2010




I forgot to mention Tea Tree Oil. Add a few drops to a 4 inch x 4 inch square piece of fleece and toss it in your wet bag. It will keep odors at bay.

M - posted on 12/19/2010




Disposable Liners! I don't live without them. Whether I"m out and about or on the road, I always pack my diaper bag with them. I line their diapers to catch the poop and then toss the poopy liner in the trash or the toilet (whichever is most convenient). All I'm left with is a wet diaper and I toss that in my wetbag. About 3 months ago I did a week long road trip with two boys in cloth diapers and it worked out awesome. I packed a ton of cloth diapers and was sure to line them all for the poop. All of the hotels we stayed in had washers and dryers which made it convenient to clean them. I actually packed disposables too because I thought cloth would be too hard for such a long road trip, but my little guy had a blow out in the first 2 hours and I was so frustrated I didn't touch them again for the rest of the trip. No more worries and no more blowouts!

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