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For the past 14 months we've been using disposable diapers but lately I've been thinking about trying cloth diapers. I've tried to look up information about them but honestly have felt a little overwhelmed by all the choices and kinds out there. As I have never used them, nor know anyone who uses them I am looking for a little motherly advice. Information such as kinds and pricing and well anything really. My husband loves the convience of throwing away a dirty diaper and so I am looking more for a practical and still easy solution ... throwaway liners possibly? Any advice/feedback would be amazing!


Hannah - posted on 01/21/2010




gDiapers! They are economical (a six pack of the covers is only $70), and you can use either gCloth inserts or their gRefills, which are a chemical free insert that can either be flushed down the toilet, or just thrown away. I love them!


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Katrina - posted on 02/07/2010




I recommend kawaii baby diapers. they are cheap (6.99 each!) and good quality. very similar to fuzzi bunz.

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The website is I just looked and it looks like the price has gone up to $90 now for the One-Size Pocket Diaper Sampler. It includes 1 bumGenius 3.0 "one-size" diaper (includes BG inserts)

1 FuzziBunz® One-Sized diaper (includes FB inserts)

1 Happy Heiny "one-size" diaper (includes HH inserts)

1 RumArooz G2 "one size" diaper (includes 6R soaker)

1 Rocky Mountain "one-size" diaper (includes insert)

Theresa - posted on 02/07/2010




Which website was this? Please share. I am looking into cloth diapers for my baby due in June. Thank you

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Thanks for all the input everyone, I ended up finding a website that has a sample pack of 5 different one size diapers for $75 so now I am just waiting for them to arrive and give them a try!

Jenny - posted on 02/04/2010




We use pocket diapers...once they are stuffed with an insert, they are just as easy for daddies as an all in one, but they wash out better. My hubby likes them. They are pretty easy as far as cleaning too, most poop just falls off of the microfleece. We use fuzzi bunz, but if you go with them, do be careful of the ones made in china. I have gotten eight fuzzi bunz that were made in china and they all shrank two inches in length within a wash or if you get some made in china, make sure you measure it first, take photos, then wash it so that if it shrinks you have proof and can get it returned. :) I got mine returned with no hassle, all eight of them...they just sent a replacement. :)

Katrina - posted on 02/04/2010




I would suggest these ones:
They are a pocket diaper, they are convenient and easier than prefolds, but are also very inexpensive! (comparable diapers sell for at least $14 each)
They are a PUL shell with a microfleece liner. you stuff a microfiber insert between the two layers. the microfleece wicks the moisture away from the baby's skin. =)
Two websites that have lots of good info are and
As far as g-diapers go, if you use the flushable inserts, I think they are more expensive (or at least as expensive) as disposables. Unless of course, you use the washable inserts. =)

Tessa - posted on 01/21/2010




I love cloth diapers. I never have diaper rash and they are so soft and pretty.
I ordered a dozen BumGenius 3.0 diapers from when my daughter was born. The diapers will fit her the entire time she is in diapers because they adjustable. I only use the inserts that are included in the package for nighttime. During the day, I use regular prefold diapers because they can be bleached each time they are washed. And, even though the diapers have a pocket for stuffing the insert into, I put the prefold on the outside and use the diaper more like a diaper cover. Then, I put a soft 1/2 size paper towel on top of the prefold to catch the poo. The paper towel can just be thrown away when it is dirty and I never have to spray the poo off of the diapers. Since the diaper is not stuffed, the prefold can just be changed out and the diaper can be reused several times rather than having to have a new clean one everytime the baby wets.
I wish you all the best.

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I love prefolds and i'm pretty sure they're the most economical option (especially at the age that your little one is at). Unless of course you plan on having more children. then getting some AIO's (all in ones) wouldn't be so bad either.
I tried G-diapers (like Hannah suggested) when my baby was new. I didn;t like them and found that they leaked a lot and when they leaked it was an immediate leak right through to the clothing because the covers are made of cotton. I have a feeling that they might not be as much of a pain in the butt with an older baby. But I personally felt like I really wasted my money on em (they're not exactly cheap).
Maybe the best thing would be to go with prefolds and get a couple AIOs for your man. It really can't get any easier than AIOs. Prefolds definitely have a bit of a learning curve but once you get the hang of it, it's really very simple.
If you go with prefolds, one of the most popular covers is the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap. It fits nice but I wouldn't give it full marks. I find that they hold smell due to being made of polyester. Also, they're not super breathable. I highly recommend wool. Sugarpeas ( has a really nice popular wool cover. I just bought 2 covers from Loveybums ( and so far I like them.
Let me know if you have any questions about anything I've mentioned.

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