Easy CD for newborn in hospital?

Rebecca - posted on 08/12/2010 ( 12 moms have responded )




No, I'm not pregnant again! But I'm just curious for the next time around...

I used to use gDiapers, but I like FuzziBunz way better, so I use those now. I did, however, notice that gDiapers has a newborn diaper that has a scoop that won't sit on the umbilical cord. Keeping that in mind, I was wondering what some of you think are good options in the hospital? Also, with a husband who is NOT on board with CD, and nurses who may or may not be familiar with them, I am unsure about what type to use. Prefolds with a cover? FuzziBunz, since I'll probably use those a lot anyway, and they are put on the baby similarly to a disposable? Let them use disposables until we go home (I'm not opposed to disposables on occasion)? I will admit that I've read so many suggestions from everyone in this forum for months now, so I know all the options out there, but I've only tried gDiapers, FuzziBunz, another really crappy brand of one-size, and Gerber (ugh) prefolds. Are there any that are better for newborns with the umbilical cord?

Oh, by the way, my babies are BIG! My last one was 9 1/2 pounds, and wouldn't fit into a newborn Pampers Swaddlers...they had to put him in size 1 Pampers instead. So if I got GMD prefolds, I was thinking of size small.

So, any suggestions?


Havefaith09michaia11 - posted on 03/18/2011




I am just about ready to have my 2nd and I will say I am not taking any of my CDs with us. I think I am going to give my self a break and not get the nurses confused or annoied. I may take some if I see he get a rash from them though. Really I think it should be up to you and not the hospital. But I have not seen on hospital that has fallowed a birth plan to the point. I had one night nurse that issisted on take the baby for her wight and temp when she woke up to feed. She would not let me feed her 1st the worst part was she was late and the baby scramed. They can take their opion to the routh with this next one. I will not allow that again. I was a new mother that time and was stuped enough to go with that. Oh and by the way my baby did not nurse or sleep well afther that had happened!

I have fuzz and the rumps for him and I don't know if they will fit so we are geting some dispoables just incase any ways. If your not agest using them then don't worry your self about it.

With my daughter we have to using a disposable at night the CD just does not work well with us and we even go the hemp inserts and still it does not. I have been given all kids of diffrent typs that would work but hey money does not grow on trees or fall from the sky. I think one disposable it not going to kill me.


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Elizabeth - posted on 03/31/2011




I really want to try the GroVia NB AIOs or the Rumparooz Lil' Joeys next time. The lil joeys have a snap down for the umbilical cord. We'll be using liners FOR SURE.

Martha - posted on 03/17/2011




honestly i think i am going to use their sposies in the hospital and leave in a cloth, and then use cloth exclusively when we get home...military hospitals have the babies room with you and with my hubby most likely being home with my toddler...i foresee it being easier to use their sposies...I HATE THIS...but i think i can give myself a break for the 2 days i should be in the hospital...ive not used disp. at home since i switched, minus the night i stripped my diapers and didnt have enough of a stash to do it in two loads....ANYWAYS i just felt like i needed a disclaimer cuz i hate when people make excuses and say well cloth is hard...no...but coming home to 2 days of cloth diapers for a newborn and a toddler....i can leave that option...I THINK :)

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I didn't take them to the hospital with me, but I found the prefolds with a snappi and a prowrap newborn cover with the scoop for the umbilical cord worked great as soon as we came home at 1 day old. She weighed 7 lbs at birth.
I don't know if the nurses would have been on board, I had birthplan and my baby roomed in with me the whole time and did all the diaper changes myself anyway.

Terri - posted on 03/07/2011




Rump a Rooz makes a really awesome newborn diaper called Lil Joeys. They work from 4-12 lbs and are are AIOs.

Heidi - posted on 08/16/2010




My son was born at a military Hospital, in Colorado (high altitude babies are usually small) and they did not alow cloth diapers. They had only Pampers in size 1 my 7lb baby was okay in them, but the 4-5 lb babys were swiming in them. I would check with the hospital first.

Kela - posted on 08/15/2010




We used BumGenius 2.0 one size for my son. He was in the NICU for 4 days and I just provided a bag for them to put the used ones in and a stack of clean ones.

Jan - posted on 08/12/2010




I used prefolds and covers in the hospital. when we went into L & D I gave the nurse a trifolded prefold in a newborn prowrap, I used a snappi when I changed her but I left a trifolded one in aa cover at the end of the bassinet in case one of the nurses had to change her while I was in the shower or when they took her for a couple of hours during the night. I like prefolds because no matter how big or small baby turns out to be you know it will fit, and you can always use them later as doublers. I use preemie prefolds in small gdiapers and in pockets

Rebecca - posted on 08/12/2010




Julie, we don't have cloth in our hospital, so I would have to bring my own. But you like prefolds? I'm assuming that means a prefold fastened with a snappi or pins with a cover over it, or trifolded inside a cover, am I right? (Sorry if that's a dumb question!)

Julie - posted on 08/12/2010




I used the hospital cloth diapers until the last day I usd my own..baby was in the room with me so I did all the diaper changing but I found prefols the best on a nb baby

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