Flip system by bumgenius... coming soon to an online store near you

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Ok so I just found these diapers that will be released on halloween. Well they are a one-size cover with flats system like growbaby ( :) jen), but the inserts are lined with suede cloth to wick the moisture like I have in my drybees pockets! It's called the flip system and they are made by bumgenius. They are probably much cheaper than getting a whole bunch of pockets! I wish these came out when I first started CDing! They have organic ones too but they don't wick the moisture.


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G Diaper plusses - fastens in the back (so baby can't take his/her own diaper off!), disposable inserts are flushable/compostable, covers come in variety of colors and styles

BG plusses - can choose between velcro or snap closure, cheaper (cover with one cloth insert $16.95, cloth insert $4.95, disposable insert $.28 each, covers and inserts are even cheaper when you buy the bundle), ONE-SIZE covers AND inserts (that's the best part and it saves you even more money), stay-dry cloth inserts (cotton microfiber with suedecloth sewn on top like the liner in pocket diapers).

gdiapers minuses - only comes with velcro closure, more expensive (little gpants $11.67 - 18.99 each without inserts, cloth insert $5, disposable insert $.41 each), you have to buy new covers and inserts when your baby grows (which means spending even more money), and the inserts are not stay-dry.

flip diapers minuses - disposable inserts are not flushable/compostable, and covers come in limited colors.

All in all, I think the flip system is better unless you plan on using the disposable inserts a lot and the flushable/compostable thing is important to you. But if you mostly or exclusively use cloth, the flip system seems the way to go. My favorite parts about the flip system is that they are one-size and have stay-dry inserts. That's what made me decide that these are my next diapers. I don't see why you couldn't use the flip inserts in the gdiapers and vice versa. You could always try it out with just one and then go from there. But if you use small gdiapers right now and you gotta buy the next size you might as well get the flip system. Also, if the whole flushable/compostable thing is important to you, you can always get the flip system and then just use gdiapers disposable inserts. Hope this helps someone out!

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they look neat, something i will definitely have to try when they come out! Thanks for passing them on :)

Erynne - posted on 09/21/2009




Very cool! So it's a system like gDiapers. Do you think the covers/inserts will be interchangeable? I LOVE my gDipes, but would be interested in seeing if BG has any plusses or minuses on the gDipes.

- E

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When I get bored, I can do some serious web surfing and I stumbled upon these. I'm glad I did, too. I only have 15 nice diapers right now and I have to wash them everyday. So, I think I might buy these when I have the money.

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