Has anyone tried Coolababy or Natures Love one size cloth diapers?

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I would like to start using cloth diapers and have been looking around a lot. These two are a bit less expensive and I want to know if anyone has tried either of them and/or can compare them to the bigger name brands. I am also wondering about preferred materials for the inserts and lining of the cloth diapers. Any input would be greatly appreciated!


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Crystal - posted on 02/28/2009




Hi i have been using the coolababy pocket nappies for nearly 4mth now and I am starting to have a big problem with the waterproof lining coming away from the material, not sure how much longer they will last, guess u get what u pay for. You could always try second hand online auctions for GOOD cheap cloth nappies like GreenKids and BumGenious, but i would stay away from coolababy :)

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