having trouble picking a diaper cover

Jordyn - posted on 03/05/2010 ( 15 moms have responded )




This is my first baby and have always had my mind set on cloth diapering. The problem is I can't decide on which cover to use.

I am using all prefolds and don't want to have to buy and extra inserts.

I have a g diaper and am satisfied with it only until she has a BM and it leaks onto the sides of the pants.

I am also using pins and a "plastic" pull over cover. But my fiance doesn't like this because he is afraid to use pins and doesn't like that he has to touch the wet diaper when changing her.

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

Thank You


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FAITH-ELLEN - posted on 03/14/2010




I LOVE Mother Ease Airflow Covers with snaps. they can't take them off like velcro and they don't get stuck to things in the laundry and they are adjustable.

M - posted on 03/12/2010




To echo some of the other posts... use Thirsties covers (i.e. the Thirsties Duo Wrap) and Snappis instead of pins.

I tried Bummis but could never seem to get a good fit and they always leaked. As for the pins - try Snappis. They are very easy to use and hubby will never have to worry about poking baby. I showed my husband once and he picked up on it his first try.

As an aside...I tried the 'plastic' pull over pants but was bothered by the squishing sound they made when baby moved. Not to mention, they don't breathe well and a cover that doesn't breathe well can trap heat inside the diaper and cause bacteria build up.

By the way - I've created a great resource for cloth diaper mommies on my website along with instructional videos that should also help. Check it out when you have the time.


Yolanda - posted on 03/11/2010




You really should trip using a FLIP diaper as a cover. It's VERY trim and can be used over any insert or prefold. I just got one a few weeks ago and LOVE it! They also sell disposable inserts for days you can't carry around a wet bag! They are also one size - so two covers would be enough for the whole life of you child - and any other kids you have!!

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Bumkins vented covers are great. They come in 4 sizes. They have a vented back to let the diaper breath. ♥

Jeanne Marie - posted on 03/07/2010




I'm using the Thirsties Duo Wrap. I bought 8 to try them out, and they are great, so now I have 24 of them in order to get through a few days. I use them with Indian Prefolds and Snappis. The Snappis are definitely worth buying. I love them as they take the fear out of sticking yourself or the baby with a pin.

Jordyn - posted on 03/07/2010




Thank you all so much! This has helped so much! I'm getting on greenmountaindiapers.com right now to order some Thirsties!

So glad to have your help!

Meagan - posted on 03/07/2010




I also love Thirsties or Bummis Super Whispers (although I've only had one so far). Snappis are the way to go. Ever since my dad told me the story of accidentally piercing me in the hip when I was a baby with a diaper pin I've been terrified of them. Snappis are way easy. With the Thirsties, I've only had one leak in the 10 months I've used them, and to be fair, I'm not sure any diaper could have held that in :)

Emilie - posted on 03/07/2010




I love Imse Vimse Covers. They are a little more expensive but worth it for me. They have a large velcro panel on the front so you can get much more size adjustment than you can with just a horizontal velcro strip. You can angle the side tabs down to get the fit just right aroound the legs. Also there is elasic around the back of the diaper to keep it from sliding down. I have a long/lean baby and the fit is great.

Kathryn - posted on 03/06/2010




I'm a big fan of Thirsties and Bummi's Super Whisper Wrap covers, both fastened with velcro. My son is long and lean but both have worked with him. Try to get yourself 4 or more covers. I get 6 of each size each time (my son is in smalls right now) and 6 leaves you with plenty. I think you'll be pleased with either ... I get both so that I have some white ones (the Bummis) and some colored ones (the Thirsties).

Melody - posted on 03/06/2010




I'm a big fan of the bummis super bright. We also have a couple of thirsties covers but they don't fit as well as my son is very lean. Check and see if any stores near you have a trial package, or look to see if anyone near you is selling covers on-line (kijiji is one site that might be in your area)

Marnae - posted on 03/06/2010




I use bummis super snap covers and love them. they came highly recommended to me as well. they're very similar to the thirsties, except they have snaps instead of velcro which helps them last longer (velcro can sometimes wear out or snag in the wash if not secured properly.) good luck!!

Shanda - posted on 03/05/2010




First, have you tried a Snappi? They're way easier than pins.

I recommend Thirsties covers. They have nice, deep gussets so it is easy to get a snug fit around the legs to help avoid any leaking.

Krista - posted on 03/05/2010




I use thirsties and love them... they are a fitted cover and they really work at keeping bm's in the diaper. Also you don't have to use pins... when using the velcro covers you can follow the steps on this website http://www.greenmountaindiapers.com/howt...

This is what I do with my prefolds and have had no problems!! Hope this helps!!

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