HELP!!!! Cant decide what to do and only 8 weeks to go :)

Hanna - posted on 04/12/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




I am on my 7th baby and have never used cloth diapers. I am going to go cloth with this next one and had thought I decided on the Bum Genius AIO 3.0 diapers, but I am reading here that this might not be a good choice for newborn diapering. Any suggestions? Just as a little info my babies are all between 9 and 10 lbs at birth if weight is a factor. Should I just go disposable until the AIO fits correctly? Thanks a ton :)


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Catharine - posted on 04/21/2009




I've used infant indian unbleached prefolds a snappi and a cover with my daughter since she came home from the hospital. Since you change a new born more they seemed to work better for us....bascially they were cheaper. My 2 y/o daughter uses the BG 3.0 or the blueberry OS....My 3 months old has been able to fit in both the BG and BB since she came home from the hospital on the smallest setting. My daughter was 8lbs 10oz so if you l/o is around that weight he/she should be fine in a OS diaper. Honestly I would get a few differnt diapers and try them out...I thought I was going to love AIO's and I actually dont like them at all....I LOVE the OS pocket diapers tho and i love prefolds and wool soakers

Karen - posted on 04/16/2009




My little one was 9lbs at 1 month and that's when I started with the bG 2.0 one sized. They worked great them. I do not regret the first month in disposables either - gave me some time to settle in and I was totally ready for the cloth when I started. Sounds like you could start with cloth off the bat though!

Marlene - posted on 04/15/2009




I used disposables in the hospital and then used prefolds through a diaper service - it was great not having to worry about the laundry in the early months.  I do the laundry now and it's not a big deal, but there's a lot less diapers now too.  Using cloth with a newborn is great since you get a better idea of how wet the diapers are since disposables are so absorbant.

Laura - posted on 04/15/2009




For new babies, regardless of size, you might want to consider prefolds/covers because 1) they're the cheapest solution 2) you'll be going through 10 to 12 diapers a day 3) prefolds wash/dry a little easier than other diapers - especially in large quantities.

Most prefolds can then be used as doublers for larger size diapers, like the ones you've got (and trust me, you'll need tons of doublers because BG's don't absorb much for over night w/the inserts they provide)

I do make bamboo diapers and prefolds- which just launched today so they're also on sale. I also offer new moms (to cd or w/new babies) a special discount package offer- just email me. My web is if you're interested in seeing the prefolds- just follow the "diapers" link...thinking your little one would go with our "small" size. (Our utility diaper might be worth checking out too- tons of absorbency for nursing overnight)

Sierra - posted on 04/14/2009




if your babies are that big at birth i would just go with a one size diaper. it shouldn't  take them long to fit into the BG's. i would like to recommend Happy Heiny's one size diaper too. you can't really have too much variety in your stash and HH is a great one size diaper as well. also they have 3 adjustable snap levels instead of BG's two. but it really is mostly individual preference. and might i recommend that you maybe get 1/3 of your stash in the form of one or two diaper covers (Thirsties are great and about 11 dollars) and five or six one sized fitted diapers. this way you'll have two leg barriers when baby is tiny to keep the leaks in.

Stella - posted on 04/13/2009




Both of mine were mere tiddlers by your standards (6.5 and 7.5lbs), but with both of them I used folded terry squares with a Nappy Nippa (no need for pins!) and newborn Cotton Bottom waterproof outer wraps. These worked fine till they were big enough to fit in my small size Fuzzi Bunz pocket nappies (about 11lbs, I think).
Just one thought- my brother has 5 children and their washing machine is ALWAYS on. With a family your size, I can only IMAGINE the amount of washing you must have. From another conversation on here, a lot of people have said that AIO's take loads longer to dry than a pocket style brand. If it's a convenience thing (the AIO choice), then do what I do and stuff the pocket nappies as you put them away after drying- then you don't have to faff about assembling them, putting prefolds or inserts in with a wriggly baby and it's just like putting on an AIO.

Best of luck to you with this and anytime you get stuck just jump back on here.

I am also in awe of you being on babe #7, I can't even decide if I want a third!

Alaine - posted on 04/13/2009




I used new born sized prefolds.  I loved them.  I did use the disposables in the hospital to get us through the meconium phase.  I got my new born sized prefolds from  I then had four covers and one snappi, probably could have done it with only two covers, (they would required washing more frequently).  I found that the prefolds helped hold in the leaks better than the disposables, although that could have just been my operator error. 

I have not had good luck with the AIOs.  Especially on tiny new born bottoms.  I feel that the prefolds work the best for us.  Hope that helps.

Kimberly - posted on 04/13/2009




I'm having a baby in December and already have an 11 1/2 month old in cloth diapers. Most of his diapers are one-size pockets, so I could use them for the new baby, but I'm planning to buy Kissaluv's fitted diapers and covers to use for those first couple months. All I've heard and experienced is that the one-size dipes just don't fit newborns all that well. My son was 10 pounds when he was born, though, so if we have another biggie it might not be as bad. But most of my friends have RAVED about Kissaluvs fitteds for their tiny babes. You could always use your one-size bumGenius with no insert as the diaper cover to save having to buy more stuff. And then remember, you could always resell your newborn size dipes on or some other place and get quite a bit of money back from them. Would still be wayyyyy cheaper (and less plastic and human waste in landfills) than using disposables for the first couple months. Good luck with whatever you decide to do! What a wonderful big family you have!!!!!!!! I'm excited to have # 2 and wonder how many we'll end up with. We love being parents. :D

Kylie - posted on 04/13/2009




I have never used BG's. 

My fav that I have used are the Pop-in nappies made by Close. They are one-sized and I have found them to be fantastic. In my opinion they would be fine on a newborn of 9-10 lbs. You could google them and see what you think. :o)



Elizabeth - posted on 04/12/2009




IMHO, I would get the BG, and use 'sposies for the first 6 weeks. Of course, you're a pro , but I needed all the help I could get in the beginning. Plus, the first couple of weeks are such a mess with the merconium and everything. I would say my son was in his BG by 6 weeks or so (he was 8 lbs at birth).

Congratulations! I am in awe of you.

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