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just wondering if some one could help me... we started CDing about 2 months ago and my daughter now has her first diaper rash... its just one bright red patch not really bumpy and its not all over her bum just kind of inbetween her privates and bum if that makes sense. Ive been giving her lots of air time and I just broke down and put some penatin with a disposable liner over it when I put her diaper on. Any suggestions on what could be causing it and how to get it cleared?


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they just get diaper rash now and again. Our son gets it so rare, sometimes we think the redness comes from heat or humidity and then there are times we are sure his poop is the cause (like a little more acidic or something along those lines). We use California Babies diaper area wash when cleaning his rump. If he gets redness I use a few squirts at full strength (you dilute it for regular clean up), works wonders. They also make a wonderful Calendula cream that I have used (with a liner in the diaper) when our son got a bumpy rash on his bum last summer, cleared up real quickly.

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I like Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy. It really works well and is safe with cloth diapers.

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I do what Melisa suggested above but Coconut Oil instead as it has more antibacterial properties and less likely to cause residue build up. I have looked at many many diaper balms and salves recommended for cloth diapers.and the biggest ingredient similarity is coconut oil.

Is there a possibility you cloth diapers may need to be stripped of a build up?

I have used a zinc cream and just used one of the disposable liners. May be worth it to try and keep your baby in a Seventh Generation diaper or Broody Chick, or G Diapers for a couple days tho. From the sounds of it a zinc cream may be your best bet for the next couple days.

Also a warm bath in baking soda and oatmeal to soothe the little tush.

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Instead of diaper cream you could try some olive oil and letting her have some diaper free time. It's the most natural remedy. If my babe ever has a little red patch we do that and it clears up immediately.

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Jen, in my experience the four most common culprits of diaper rash with cloth diapers are (1) detergent, (2) wash routine (3) diaper covers that don't breathe well and (4) baby’s diet. Since the rash is near her privates, I'm inclined to think the issue is baby's diet. Detergent, wash routine and diaper covers usually cause a rash all over baby's bum.

With that said, foods high in citrus tend to cause a rash, but it goes away as soon as the citrus is out of their system. Foods with gluten tend to cause yeast rashes that last longer, so in addition to changing her diet I'd recommended a diaper rash cream designed to treat yeast rashes.

Here is a list of recommended diaper rash creams for yeast rashes:

If her diet isn't the problem, try the other solutions listed in this brief article on dealing with diaper rash:

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You don't mention how old your daughter is- is she on solids? I've found that when my baby has orange juice or anything with lots of tomatos in it, she gets a bright red rash that isn't bumpy that usually goes away pretty quick. At every diaper change, I always wipe her down with a water-only damp washcloth & then let her air dry. And for messy diapers I rinse her bum off in the sink with a little baby soap, and pat & air dry. And when a rash does pop up, I put some diaper cream on it and a liner. Also line drying your diapers will kill any bacteria that's lurking in there. Good luck!

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