Homemade diapers

Erin - posted on 10/28/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Has anyone ever made all in one's from home? Any advice on where to find the materials (snap fasteners, pul, fleece)? Looking for good patterns too!


Elizabeth - posted on 10/28/2009




There is a sewing cloth diapers thread stickied at the top.

Snaps can only be found online. There are coops, ebay, thesnapstore.com, etc.

PUL is mostly only online but Hancock's has recently statred selling it only in white at $13/yard.

Fleece can be bought at any fabric store. Although the really good waterproof kind called windbloc and windpro can only be found online unless you live by the company, Malden Mills.

For the inside part against the baby I recommend Alova Suedecloth. It's found at Joann's. At Hancocks it's called Buttersuede.

For the soaker go to the auto section at walmart etc. and get a pack of microfiber towels. Cheap and soak a lot. Terry (towel) works very good too.

There's also the more expensive materials like bamboo, hemp, velour, minkee, etc.

A couple good webstores that have material, patterns, etc.:



I recommend joining sewyourowndiapers yahoo group.


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Kimberly - posted on 12/07/2009




I buy snaps from http://kamsnaps.com and was very happy with their service, shipping speed and prices. (I bought a pair of snap pliers for about $30 instead of a snap press for around $90. Though it is obviously less sturdy and convenient than the press, for the small amount of snaps I intended to put on, it was a great cost savings.)

I have purchased my diaper fabrics from http://verybaby.com and have also been extremely pleased with quality, ship time and customer service. Even though it's super absorbent, I can't stand microfiber, so I use cotton terry, hemp terry or bamboo terry for my soakers and inner layers. I use cotton velour against baby's skin.

I've been using a pattern I found on this site. I like it a lot. I've just been using the Shar's Newborn Fitted pattern, but there are also pocket, all-in-one and one-size fitted patterns here. http://www.thenappynetwork.org.nz/diy.ph...

Deborah - posted on 12/06/2009




Kamsnaps.com is a great place to buy snaps and snap pliers. they work great.

http://www.wazoodle.com/cgi-bin/catstore... Shop

this is a great website for fabrics, they have PUL and Zorb which is an absorbant fabric that is 10X more absorbant than cotton for the inner layers of all in ones.


are good too.
Mamabird pattern is a good one
Darling Diapers Unlimited is a great too.

Lorin - posted on 12/02/2009




I'm making pocket dipes at home and as far as I know they're mostly the same but without the insert/padding. Here's my shopping list:

My PUL came from www.verybaby.com, which wasn't the very cheapest we found but they had the colors we wanted and we decided to spend the extra few bucks for that. You can also try www.sewzannesfabrics.com and www.celticcloths.com, which were my next 2 choices and had some slightly lower prices.

I got my inner lining at Joann's fabrics (the brick & mortar store) in the suedecloth section. on the advice of a friend I took home several samples of their various Alovas & suedecloths and tried them for water-wicking quality by dribbling some water on and seeing if it passed right through. The one that worked best was called "costume suedecloth," and it comes in several colors, although this was in Sept/Oct this year so it may have been their Halloween stock. Don't be afraid to buy white - everybody tells me it will either not stain (if you're breastfeeding), or you can bleach out stains by drying the dipes in the sun.

I bought my snaps and snap pliers at www.KAMsnaps.com and I'm really happy with all of it. The pliers were only $25 compared to a professional press that could run you $80+, and they work just fine for me. They seem pretty cheap and probably won't last forever, but they'll make it through my project. Shipping was super quick and customer service was AWESOME... the pliers originally came with a defective die that was breaking snaps and the sales woman I E-Mailed got me a replacement within a few days.

My pattern came from a friend who traced her Butterick pattern. It seems functional enough but I did some adapting of my own and will probably down-size it for a few smaller newborn size diapers. I just heard today about two pattern sites: www.diapersewing.com and www.diapersewing.wordpress.com. I haven't checked them out yet but I intend to do so before diving into my newborn sizes.

In all I think I've spent around $150 and should be able to make 30 diapers. I still need to buy my inserts but also just earlier tonight read a post about buying hemp fleece or hemp French terry and cutting 15"x15" squares to make inserts for about $1 each - the same idea might also work for your AIOs. Pretty darn good compared to the store-bought things that can cost $15+!

Good luck!

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