How do you disinfect bumGenius diapers?

Stephanie - posted on 06/27/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have found a million answers to this question, but I need your simple step-by-step directions. I'm on information overload. I have 24 bumgenius one size pocket diapers, an HE front loading LG washer and dryer, and twin 18 month olds who get a rash when they wear the dipes. I use Rockin Green detergent (that's all I have now and can't afford to go get anything else at the moment!) What would you do specifically? I'm tired of using disposables just because I'm confused about all the options. Haha.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)


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Teresa - posted on 07/11/2011




I second what Tasha said. 1/4 cup of bleach and Dawn then wash on HOT water and rinse the heck out of them.

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Have you tried a soak with your rockin green? I use a top loader and soak over night. I am not sure if you can soak in a front load? probably not? Than I would throw them all in the bath tub and soak over night, lock the door so the kids cant get in.

Also, for stripping you can try multiple hot washes, no soap, until there are no more suds coming out into the water.

You can use bleach but its not good for the fibres in your diapers. I have never had to use bleach, the RNG soak always works for us.

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When I called BG and asked them they said 1/4 cup bleach, and 1 table spoon of Dawn dish soap. They said dont do this a whole lot, but that its good for stripping them. You can go to and they have a phone # to call and ask questions.

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