how do you get your 15 week old child to sleep in her own bed??

Courtney - posted on 11/28/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




I cannot seem to get my 15 week old daughter to sleep in her own bed and it drives me nuts because every time i lay her down those eyes pop wide open and she starts screaming!!! what should i do??


Jenny - posted on 11/28/2009




Two things, first of all, if it is just when your daughter is lying down that she wakes up, talk to your doctor about two things: whether or not she has fluid in her ears that may be hurting her when she is flat and whether or not she has mild reflux. :) Both of those were the case with my second son.

If it is just that she wants to be held when she sleeps, you may just need to let her "cry it out". I am not an advocate of leaving a child crying for long times, just five minutes at a time...then go comfort by giving a pacifier or even picking her up for the first couple of days, but never give in, put her back down in her bed. Our son had to sleep sitting up for these first seven months (we're still working on getting him to sleep flat) and we had him sitting in a floor rocker that kept him at an angle. It also cuddled him a bit so he felt like he was being held. We gradually took away the padding that cuddled him, so he felt more in the open, like he will be in the crib. Hopefully after he gets tubes he'll be able to sleep flat...we'll see. Hope that helps.

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