Huge sudden Pees?

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My LO is 18mos. I thought for the past couple of days, she'd all of a sudden started peeing more. She's just not peeing as frequently, so when she does, it's huge amounts of it.

We use pocket diapers with microfiber inserts- never less than 3 layers. I just stripped everything and it's absorbing beautifully. She soaked thru in a 30 min. nap yesterday (she was on her stomach and the back of the diaper was dry) clothes, bedding and all. She leaks on her stomach, side and back.

Until now, overnights were a 3 layer insert + a 2 layer doubler. I added another 3 layers but it's not the amount of absorbancy. Most nights/days she goes a little at a time, and can throughly soak an insert and not leak. Most nights she can wear those 5 layers for 12 hrs.

The other day, I was nursing her and she peed and it ran out allover us both and had to change clothes!

This early AM, (we co-sleep) she was nursing, I was hit with a sudden wave. I had to change the sheets, mattress pad, her clothes, mine- even my socks- there was so much that when I stood up it dripped down my leg! I put her on the potty and she peed more. Her diaper (& 8 layers) were only wet on the side that she'd been laying on, and before that she'd been allover the place, so if she'd peed before, it would've hit somewhere else too.

I've thought of fleece or wool shorties, but am not convinced that would help and also she's very heat sensitive. Do you have any ideas to control these sudden gushers? I can take her to the potty more often during the day, but what about at night and on the go?????


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Robyn - posted on 06/13/2010




I have a super heavy wetter. I use hemp a lot, but do NOT use is alone. Hemp does not absorb faster than micro fiber! I use a bamboo fitted at night with a hemp doubler. Bamboo is great and will absorb fast and hold a lot. Cotton will also absorb fast and hold more than microfiber, but not as much as bamboo.

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Malajiwa- you're the best! In the meantime my friend who's on her 3rd cloth diapered baby suggested a prefold in between baby & diaper, so I'm gonna see how that works tonight. Looking into hemp and bamboo.
BTW- Rockin Green did wanders for my diapers! Not that it matters, since they are diapers, but they don't look as dingy as they did before!

M - posted on 06/11/2010




Couple of thoughts:

1. For nighttime I recommend switching to a fitted with wool shorties (not fleece). Wool will breathe very well and keep her from getting hot. Fleece doesn't breathe as well as wool and she would still run the risk of getting hot. For the fitted, I would choose a bamboo or hemp material. They both more absorbent than fleece and will keep you from having to layer as much.

2. For daytime, it sounds like she's just peeing faster than the microfiber is able to absorb. Try switching inserts for your pockets to either bamboo or hemp inserts. These will absorb faster and much more than the microfiber.

Recommended Inserts:
Pooters Bamboo Insert
Motherease Bamboo Insert
Babykicks Hemparoo Inserts
Thirsties Hemp Inserts

Here's a site where you can buy them:

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