Is there anyone from Ipswich, or Queensland, or even Australia out there?

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Am I on my own? In 9 months, I have met one mother using fitted nappies, have converted a second mum to cloth, albeit fitted, and none using folded white terry towling squares, like me. Everyone else is using single-use timebombs. My only support has been the internet. Am I all alone in my nappy folding ways? Is there an Australian site as good as this one?


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Bethany - posted on 11/09/2009




good on you Laura. I've been using terry squares for 9 months now and have had next to no worries. If you need any tips, let me know., I used the Origami Fold (8 layers through the crotch) for the first 5 or 6 months and now I use a cool triangle fold I found on the net that has 6 layers through the crotch. I use Snappis and Fluffies covers.

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Hey Bethany- yes, we are here! I'm in Brisbane. Actually, I've only met one other mum who uses cloth here.
I started out using square nappies, using disposables at night or out of the house with my first, and the first few months with my second. A friend of mine set up a website selling other work-from-home-mums' modern cloth nappies (, and she set me up with a couple to try out. My hubby fell in love with them so we bought a full stash- and he actually HELPS OUT WITH NAPPY CHANGES now!!!!! I now use MCNs full time, though I still fall back on the squares if I'm not up to date with the washing, and they make great night soakers too.
Re the website, look up ozbabytrends on facebook and join as a fan- it's become a great CDing support group for all types of cloth nappy users. If you're still stuck, I've now become a cloth nappy consultant to try to help people with the ins and outs of cloth nappies- look me up on the website under consultants.
Hope this is some help!

Laura - posted on 11/08/2009




hi im not in queensland anymore i live near coffs harbour in nsw but i used to live in mackay in qld, im 25 weeks pregnant with my first and im goin to be using cloth nappies just the plane old boring terry towling ones
yeah i can understand how it would be hard to find fellow cloth nappy mummies but im sure there are some out there
i have a few friends who have had babies and none of them use them my mum did with myself and my three sisters and with all her foster children
i like the idea that they are better for the environment and a one time only by

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i'm in adelaide, and i only know one mum NOT using cloth, and she has a two year old and twins all in nappies so she's kind of excused, i figure...

i have a two year old and a two month old. my two year old daughter uses motherease bamboo one sized with a booster during the day and disposables at night :( cos she's such a heavy wetter that i have to change her during the night otherwise. my little guy is in cloth squares during the day and i use his big sister's one size nappies for night time.

as for sites, is handy for getting rid of what you don't need and for picking up some bargains. for covers, i've knitted my own out of wool and lanolised them and they're fantastic cos you only need to rinse them once a month and relanolise them and that's it. i also have some babybeehinds PUL covers if i want something less bulky. i like them best cos the velcro is different and very durable and dependable, unlike the other PUL brands i've tried. the babybeehinds website is pretty cool.

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hello fellow Queenslander!! I am from Bundaberg. My mother was born and raised in Ipswich (well raised in Dinmore to be exact).

I have only gone to MCN with my 4th baby. I CD my first, with the flats, for the first 9mths of his life, then switched to disposables. I did disposables with my two girls (now 7 and 3 yrs old) because I hadn't heard of MCN at all!

I only heard of them when Rian (now 11mths) was 3mths old, from a friend who was making her own.

I bought some off of her, but they didn't fit right for Rian, so now we are using Itti Bittis, which I LOVE, they are awesome. I tried the flats, but he is a heavy wetter and I didn't like the bulk of them.

I'm doing about 50/50 still with the disposables, he wears them when we go out.

I think there are a couple of Aussie parenting sites, but I've not been members of them.

As for others around me using cloth of any kind, my friend up in the Gladstone region and all of her friends use cloth. She is the one who told me about Itti Bittin nappies.

But I have no one that I see on a regular basis to talk MCN with :( I tried to convert my friends but no luck.

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