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Hello, I am fairly new to CD. My 7 month old has been in gDiapers for about 3 months. I responded to another questions about gDiapers saying I love them...and I do...mostly. But I have seen the criticism and I have had an open mind about it, and I have been contemplating a change. Here are some of my thoughts and problems, and maybe y'all can point me in the right direction! Thanks in advance, ladies!

Ok, the reason I love Gs is the look. They are super cute and I like that they velcro in the back because my son does take off his disposables that fasten in the front (husbands INSISTED on those for a 1 1/2 week long vacation...considering we didn't have access to a washer and dryer, I guess he was right, but didn't want to have to spend the money!!!). I've had the velcro problem others have had only on a handful of Gs, but others have been fine (plus they sent me replacement velcro for the bad ones). I also agree with some of you that don't like that poop gets all over the liner, so that's an issue.

Money is definitely a key factor. I've been trying to make gPants and I've figured it out, but the problem is that the elastic for the waistband only comes in white and I'd like it to match the rest of the diaper. I used two layers of knit, ribbing for the leg trim, and then when I go to do the waist, all I have is awful white elastic. It doesn't match my brown and cream and blue fabric. So I cut some ribbing to cover it, but can not for the life of me figure out a clean looking way to attach it without the extra bulk of the seam allowance. I can also make the PUL liner with FOE, but then again won't I have the same issue as with the G liners?

So now I'm down to this dilemma: I don't want to buy any more diapers, I want to make them with the fabric I've already bought. I have knit, knit ribbing, and PUL, plus all the elastic and velcro. I am perfectly willing to try a different type of diaper, but really like the idea of this cover. What can I do differently? Can I make the cover with no liner and put a layer on PUL in between the knit? Or just do one layer knit with PUL as the inner other layer? Can I dye the elastic waistband to match the covers I've already made (I just need to add the waistband to finish them). Is there a better way to cover the waistband to make it attractive? Or do I just need to find a completely differently style of diaper cover?

I'm sorry for so many questions, but I've researched and researched, and there is SO much information out there that it is literally overwhelming me. My main goal in this is to save money, to be able to be a little more self-sufficient by making them myself, and be able to make whatever colors/patterns I want. I'm not opposed to pocket diapers, I just didn't like the thought of changing the whole thing. That's why I like the cover (and by the way, he doesn't usually leak on the cover, even if he does leak into the I just change the liner and diaper). Any thoughts would be so much appreciated, especially since y'all are experienced CD moms who I'm sure have already learned a lot by trial and error. Thank you!

PS: I am not opposed to something totally different if you think it would suit my needs better!!!


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I am not familiar with Gdiapers (i will research them so that I am more informed), however I have had the best luck with Thirsties Duo Wraps ( a cover that grows with baby). They breath well and contain the messes well. I have used all different brands of CD, but Thirsties are by far my fave. Good Luck:)

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I don't know anything about making diapers and my sewing skills are horrible so I can't give you any advice there. I would recommend sending a message to Vilate Thacker - she's the admin of this group and she makes cloth diapers. I bet she could offer you some good advice there.

I do however understand your dilemma about costs though so here are a few thoughts on that.

1. Make your own covers like the gdiapers and use prefolds (folded into 3 parts) as the insert and lay a disposable liner on top of them when you're out and about. The liner will catch the poop and you'll be left with a wet diaper / prefold which you can toss in your wetbag and replace with another prefold. Prefolds are super cheap (since you sew you could probably make your own - perhaps even with the material you already have) and so are the liners (about a penny each).

2. Purchase a PUL cover with snaps with a PUL inner which will make it easier to clean up and layer a prefold (folded in 3 parts) inside the cover and line with a disposable liner. The snaps will keep the baby from taking them off.

Recommended PUL covers include Mother Ease Air Flow Covers, Thirsties Duo Wraps and FLIP covers.

I also recommend Mother Ease biodegradable liners.

Here are a few helpful links:

Hope that helps.

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