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I am due in October with third child. I am considering using cloth diapers this time. I need some advice on anything and everything concerning CD


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There are also websites out there that let you buy a trial before you buy pack of different assorted diapers. The first thing you should decide on is what sort of nappy you would like to buy- in terms of affordability, style etc. If you try a trial pack you can decide from there and gradually build up your stash of nappies. My favourite websites are, They also have good FAQ there too. One thing to remember too is if you are exclusively breastfeeding there is no need to rinse the poopy diapers as it is extremely water soluble. However if this makes you a bit squeemish you can buy a diaper sprayer to attach to the toilet. A few essentials for cloth diapering..
*24 cloth nappies for full time cloth diapering
*Nappy bucket to store used nappies (I just use a normal rubbish bin with a swing top lid)
*Cloth diaper friendly nappy cream and laundry detergent
Hope this helps! I have been cloth diapering for two years and absolutely love it. Like Tyrae, I also use the one size pocket nappies because they are very easy to use, can add extra inserts and you just adjust the snaps as your baby grows. I got mine very cheaply off ebay.

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My first and biggest piece of advice is before going all gung hoe and buying one brand and one type of diaper, I would see if you can get any samples sent to you to try out. Then you won't be spending a butt load of money on one type of diaper that doesnt end up working out for you. Personally I really like one-size pocket diapers because you can add more inserts to make them more absorbent and they grow with your baby. Some people really like pre-folds. If you can't get any free samples see if you can pick up a couple used of different types.

Also, you will want to find a detergent that has the least amount of additives, fragrance and fabric softener. All this can lead to a build up of chemicals in the diapers and can make them less absorbent. This would mean you would have to strip your diapers and the more often you do that the more they will fall apart. Also please don't use bleach on the diapers, there may be poo stains but a good sit out in the sun or some lemon juice will get rid of the stain. Bleach is far to harsh on the fabrics.

Hmm I know there is some other stuff but my brain just isn't working right now! I'll post again when I remember more.


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First I would say its very cool of you to give it a try. Second i would say there are cloth diaper sites that let you order a trial package where you get different kinds of diapers for you to try out and you send back the ones you dont like our all of them if you like. Its a great way to try different ones without making a huge investment into one kind you might not like.Here is a link to one of those-

Good luck and I hope you have a fast and easy delivery. If you need any advice or someone to talk to just message me I know how it is I gave up cloth with my first because I had no help. I dont want that to happen to you stop only if you dont like it not because of anything else. I love cloth diapers Im a big Bum Genuis fan found out with my second the velcro is easy when they r small but snaps r nice when they are older because they cant take them

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I have a question for all the cloth veterans this is my first time using cloth diapers. My daughter was born in July so I have always had the sun to bleach out my stain. Well where I live it is going to rain all week. Do I just not dry them in the dryer an hope for sun soon? Any suggestions?

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Warning LONG! But good I believe!
The best thing for preventing rashes is either a flat, prefold, or fitted with wool cover (the fitteds would be easy). As the wool provides more air flow, and prevents heat rash.
AIO (just like a disposable, they have a waterproof outer usually Poly Urithane Laminate fabric known as PUL, hidden soaker layer which can be cotton, hemp, bamboo, microfiber, or Zorb, and usually a stay dry cloth next to babies skin) are good for out in town or when your really busy but take a long time to dry, Some AIO's like bitti d'lish diapers have their soaker layer as a doubler/liner sewn on one end to the diaper for a much quicker dry time.
Snap in ones take time to prepare unlike the AIO but all you do is snap in the soaker layer and place on baby, I love the 2-3 that I have!
Pockets take a little more time to prepare then the Snap in Ones but they tend to be the favorite because you can stuff them with as many inserts as you need for out to town, long car rides or bed time. The stuffing makes prep time a little longer per diaper but totally worth it!
Then you have diapers that need a cover...flats, prefolds, contours, and fitteds.
Flats are the oooold fashioned diapers just a single layer...sometime double layer....piece of fabric that you have to fold up to fit baby, there are several tutorials on how to fold these on you tube, type in 'how to fold a flat cloth diaper' with either 'origami style' or 'Kite style' at the end you'll get some good video's! I love flats with wool for bed time!
Prefolds are the Gerber style cloth diapers you can buy at Wal-mart, DO NOT BUY THE GERBER BRAND! They have quilting batting in the center and are awful! and some babies have an allergic reaction to the batting. You can find Diaper Service quality prefolds on Ebay for great deals by the lot of 50-100 diapers. Green Mountain Diapers has good prefolds as well! You will need to learn to fold these, there are a whole lot of way to fold these, angle wings fold, jelly roll (my favorite and even incorporate it into the kite fold that I use for flats), newspaper roll, the bikini twist (great for girls as it puts a lot of fabric between the legs where most of girls pee will be, also great for crawling babies as it allows more freedom of movement). Again you can find all of these folds demonstrated on you tube.
Contours are just like prefolds but instead of being a rectangle that you need to fold it is an hour glass shape that you can easily place on baby with out a whole lot of fuss.
All three of the diapers I mentioned above need some way to close them, some people use safety pins Green Mountain diapers has some great locking safety pins, I use a snappy, if you look at any of the you tube video's showing how to fold flats or prefolds you will probably be shown a snappy and how it works...basically if you have used an ace bandage any time recently you know the little metal piece with teeth that holds the bandage is the same concept. has these for sale for a great price...also their how-to-guides are awesome and provide a few video links to you tube.
Lastly is the fitteds, these are just like AIO's except they
don't have a water proof outer and need a PUL or Wool cover. They snap, or Velcro, sometimes though not often they have no closure and you have to pin them or use a snappy on them. I love my fitteds...and they are just so darn cute!
Now for the covers:
Rubber in the Gerber rubber pants...not a good idea. They allow no air flow and cause heat rashes, and are uncomfortable around babies poor legs.
PUL covers, like thirsties or Bummies are great, they are gentle around the legs, the snap or Velcro shut. They breath but are water proof, and come in very cute colors and patterns, I love Thirsties Trees pattern cover!
There is fleece, yes fleece, you can use fleece pull on cover, shorties or longies, the cover only covers the diaper, the shorties cover the diaper but are basically a pair of fleece shorts and are so cute, Longies are fleece pants. Fleece breaths and his water resistant, it works similarly to wool but is much cheaper...I use it but not as much as my wool.
Wool is AWESOME! Wool when properly lanolized...basically putting the natural oils that make wool so water resistant and wonderful back into the wool after it has been used for a can hold up to 40% of its weight in moisture before 'wicking' it onto other fabrics around it. Once it feels damp you just lay it out and let it dry and has antimicrobial elements to it that keep it sanitary. You can use it 1-2 weeks depending on how often you use it before cleaning and re-lanolizing it. I can stretch it to three weeks sometimes because I only use it at night as I only have one wool cover right now and I prefer wool for night times, But when I had two covers before baby out grew them I used then all the time at home and almost never made it past 10 days before needing to re-lanolize. has a wonderful article on how wool works and caring for it in their How-to guides!

If you want some brands to look at and compare go to Autumn Beck owns this site and has a wonderful amount of info on all things diapering! is also a wonderful center for cloth diaper information!
Good luck with your cloth diapering! I love it and I hope you find what works for you!

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where can you go for free samples? I'm on my third as well and have decided I would give cloth diapers a try. I bought some prefolds but opened them up and was like ok I have NO idea how this is suppose to work lol. I went to a few of these websites to see what there was out there and I still am confused about everything. Also would baby laundry soap be good for it? Thanks

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I could write everything on this website, but it is so much easier to read it! I use FLIPS and Econobums and interchange the inserts. For our first baby we just bought wipes, but I am pregnant again, and since I do the laundry for her diapers, I have decided we are going to make our wipes for this baby too *smile* Here is a site if you would like to do that. Lots of ones to choose from. Just remember, it is what you make of it. I love cloth diapering *smile*

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Try There are many WAHM/SAHM who make wonderful cloth diapers at a fraction of the cost. I sell cloth trainers and have done cloth diapers for a lot less than commercial cloth diapers

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Thank you for all your advice. I hadn't even thought about free samples, that's an excellent idea!

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