Newbie to Cloth Diapering... pins or alternative?

Becky - posted on 07/07/2009 ( 11 moms have responded )




I'm a first time mom and have a baby due in december.
I really want to use cloth Daipers and use a service. I was wondering I still need to use pins to secure the diaper or is there a new alternative I'm not aware of?

I know very little so far on what options are available with cloth diapers. Any input ( before I start shelling out some bucks) would be greatly appreciated.



Tiffany - posted on 07/15/2009




I work at a store that sells CDs, and we have a "loaner bin" of a variety of diapers to try out. This is hugely popular, and a GREAT way to try out a bunch of diaper types before you plop down anywhere from $100 to $500+ on diapers. Check out the website for CD tips, comparisons (cost and pros/cons), and washing directions. Maybe there is a store near you that offers a similar trial bin?
Good luck, it is overwhelming at first!


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Becky - posted on 07/28/2009




Thank you all for your comments you've given me alot to think about. As a few of you said, it is overwhelming, especially just doing this stuff online... I'm on a modified bedrest. I have only found one diaper service in my area in Maryland. They seem to be a very good company, very accommodating and they have Velcro diaper covers so I don't have to use pins. I'm pretty psyched about not having to use disposables.. I hope my expectations aren't too high!

But Thanks so much to all you wonderful moms!

Leann - posted on 07/15/2009




Snappis are wonderful instead of pins, but there are some great options. Where do you live. I run a cloth diaper service that offers fitted diapers, so you don't need pins or anything to fasten them.

Naomi - posted on 07/15/2009




most cloth diaper services provide prefold diapers. they're pretty basic. and as pp mention, there are alternatives to pins. have you contacted the diaper service in your area? I know the one we started out with had a store and they offered tutorials and workshops as well.
we got a diaper pail, which you don't need a liner for if you're doing the service, diaper covers, snappis, and a wetbag to start off with.
1 yr into it I prefer pins, especially for a mobile baby.

[deleted account]

I use pins or a snappi. I can't figure out how moms get the diapers to stay in place inside the cover without them. I tried it and my poor boy had such droopy drawers! I have only stabbed one baby once, and that's because he kicked his leg up just as I was poking the pin through. I do stab myself when they're wiggling, but that's better than getting them!

Jen - posted on 07/08/2009




I would recommend trying to find an actual store or cloth diaper group or CD 101 class before you get started. It will save you sooo much time as compared to researching on-line and e-mailing back and forth, and even groups like this are great, but it's time consuming. A one hour class? So worth it. I have to drive about 50 minutes for these types of resources, but it's honestly worth it, and I just clumped together my trip with some visits to unique places that aren't around where I live i.e. the zoo, a park, a nice place to eat, museums, etc. A little research as to the store and surrounding tourist attractions can make a nice day trip.

Every baby has a different fit and body type. Every baby can be cloth diapered from newborn through toddler, you just might have to be creative and try different diapers until you get a combination that works. If you don't already have people gifting you disposable diapers, you could have somebody (your mom and mother-in-law) spread the word that you are going to cloth diaper your new baby. Or you can use the disposables while you figure out the cloth diapers that fit your baby's needs. But once you research some of the environmental and health impacts for your baby, you might not turn back! Just a warning! lol.

Cding is so much fun. It's addicting, all CD moms love taking care of their diapers. It's my favorite laundry to do, and the only laundry I truly keep up on and fold and put away without fail. Because you just love those sweet little diapers!! And most CDs are so stinkin cute, the prints, the soft fabric, their cute diaper butts!! You'll be addicted to fluff.

I have a stash that consists of prefolds, snappis and covers, both PUL and one wool cover.

I also have 3 BumGenius 3.0, and 4 Blueberry pockets. The BG 3.0 is my favorite design for pockets once you figure out how to wash the microfiber inserts and get your dipes really truly clean, they're great. I just wish it wasn't made so cheaply. The Blueberrys are supreme, they just aren't my favorite fit and WHEW do they cost a lot. I would pay it if they fit my baby perfectly. Their prints are so cute and it is a super quality diaper.

I like pockets for on-the-go, babysitters, and dad. Prefolds are cheap, kinda bulky, but perfect for at home, naps and nighttime.

Some diapers I am dying to try: Rumparooz ... this one-size pocket diaper, as seen in pics, seems to truly fit a newborn through toddler. I am hoping, once I try one, that the velcro is better then BG 3.0. We'll see, that's not in the budget 'till next month.

Another very cool system is the Gro Baby system. I wish I'd tried this first and put all my diaper money into this sytem! Haven't tried yet, but if it fits my baby, I think it would be so dreamy to just have one diaper system to think about and no pockets to stuff.

Also thinking about GDiapers. I'm not crazy about the flushables at all, but they have Gcloth now, and I am wondering if they are a slimmer fit than most cloth?

There's some thoughts to get you started. Good luck! Don't stress about it though, because being a first time mom, your primary concern will be bonding with your new baby!! Enjoy motherhood!!

Meagan - posted on 07/08/2009




Yup, gotta love the snappi. We use prefolds as well, and I wouldn't do pins to save my life (my dad actually pinned me completely through the hip when I was a baby, eek). Snappis are crazy easy, and we've been cloth diapering for a few months and I haven't had a problem with them yet.

As far as cloth diapering options, if you're looking for easy and are willing to shell out the money, go for BumGenius. They are about $18 a piece, but work similarly to disposables and are fairly trim.

We use prefolds, which is probably what most diapering services use. We use them with Thirsties covers, which I love and having had a problem with. I liked the Bummis Super Whisper Wraps too, but my daughter is really skinny and they didn't fit quite right on her. They were dang cute though! Prefolds tend to be the cheapest way to go, as they are about $2-3/diaper. Covers are anywhere from $7.00-$20, and even higher if you go for organic or other specialty-type items.

Laura - posted on 07/08/2009




Pins scare me. I probably wouldn't CD if i had to use them. But I love the snappi. Even some of my fitteds that don't fit so well with the snaps, I just use a snappi.

Alissa - posted on 07/07/2009




I am still a newb at cloth diapering too but I do know you can use pins or a snappi which is easier especially if you have a wigglier. I couldn't cloth diaper my little girl till she was a year because she is so petite that what I had nothing fit so I just thought it was me doing something wrong and got frustrated with it! So not sure if you need to use diaper covers right away or not. I am using the bummis super whisper wraps and I really love them allot! They do hold everything in as long as it is a good fit around the thighs! Hope that helps you some and congrats!

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