One Size Cloth Diapers

Ashley - posted on 03/15/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




How do you gals feel about one-size cloth diapers? Do they tend to leak more than others? I want to buy some because I figure it would save money, but I am a little apprehensive that they won't work out as well as the diapers that come in particular sizes.


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Rachel - posted on 03/20/2011




I LOVE one size pockets. The only draw back to them is that, since they get more wear than sized diapers they will wear out sooner (elastic, velcro). But they are wonderful! I used NB sized fitteds with covers to get us started because I heard that's best for newborn poo. I think they were right. Now that he is outgrowing them, we are switching to pockets. I love being able to adjust the absorbency as needed, plus the quick dry is great too.

Havefaith09michaia11 - posted on 03/18/2011




We are using them for my duaghter about 23lbs and I use the BG on her and they are on the middle setting not even the large. So it depends on the baby I think. I jsut got some in a tiral packege and then saw what I liked before I got my stash. I also have some Ruparozz and some Fuzziebuz but the BG's are my favorit.

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My DD2 is 27 mos and can still wear BGs. They aren't the biggest OS we have, but they still work, esp. when I want to put a trimmer diaper on her- she's was 23 lbs last week. My friend who used BG exclusively from birth had her daughter in them til she potty trained, at almost 3 yrs. She's on the small side too, but a little thicker than my DD2.

MERLE - posted on 03/17/2011




I used the BG one size with my DD from about 5 months and she has always been tiny ( lowest curve of growth chart tiny) She is now 22 months and they are too tight in the thigh... think this is why she kept taking them off. So I had to switch her to the pre folds I had for her older brother. If you have a tiny baby then the one size are a good investment but if you have a big baby ( my friends DS is 7 months and the same size as my DD ) then not so much. Hope this helps!

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I've only got experience with one size pocket diapers, but I love them. Unfortunately when I was newbie to cloth diapering, I got some small size pockets to use at first (KCK small sized from a WAHM on Etsy), and my baby wore them til she was about 4 mos, but she's always been thin. When she outgrew those is when I discovered one size ones.
Also if you have more than one kid in diapers at a time, it really saves room in the diaper bag. I have a 3.5 week old and today in my new-mom fog had an aha-moment- why don't I just stock the diaper bag with one size diapers? (I'm using the small ones again, since I have them, but the one size fit just the same adjusted all the way down.)
The one size ones that I've used are : Bumgenius, Haute Pocket, Happy Heinys, Mother's Touch or Mommy's Touch (can't remember which) and KCK One. I also have some Fuzzi Bunz one size that I just got but haven't used yet. I don't like the adjustments on the FuzziBunz, though.
My hubby & 19 yr old brother (who was our main babysitter when my 2 yr old was a tiny baby) prefer the KCK One over all the other brands we have. My only issue with them is that the excess material folds over the velcro tabs on the front after you've fastened them, so the front ends up as bulky if not worse than the front on smaller babies.
A friend of mine started using Bumgenius when her baby was 4 days old and never used anything else.
I say do it. If I had to do it again, I would have saved the $ and skipped the sized version.

Angela - posted on 03/16/2011




I haven't had any problems with mine - I love them! My 2 year-old wore them for a while and now my 4 month old is wearing them. She'll be in them until she's PT'd :)

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