Pockets for Newborns?

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Hi All,

I've been researching pocket diapers for newborns. I have some small ones that I didn't start using with my almost-2 yr old til she was about 6 wks old- my kids so far have been 6 lbs 14 oz & 6 lbs 13 oz at birth. I think I'm safe to assume that #3 which is due 3-1 (but 1 & 2 both were born at 38 wks) will be around that size.
I love pocket diapers. I do use some contoured at night on my almost-2 yr old, as she's a heavy wetter, but they're so bulky (Motherease) and I don't really want to use them for daytime...
I've went back and read some of the post on here about what works best for a newborn, but none of them really mentioned newborn friendly pocket diapers. I don't really want to use 'sposies til she grows into the small pockets that I already have. And since this is my last baby, I don't want to spend a fortune either (I know pockets tend to be more than, fitted & prefolds) but then again, I have 2 girls already- and 3 nieces- I shouldn't feel bad about getting brand new diapers...

Advice? Ideas? Brands?


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Sally - posted on 10/29/2010




I LOVE our Fuzzibunz, but we didn't start using them until my daughter was a bit older.
A friend used pocket diapers with her daughter from birth. I don't know what brand they are, but they are open on both ends to make stuffung the inserty easier and you don't need to pull the dirty insert out because it will rinse out in the washer. She likes them.

Lindsey - posted on 10/26/2010




the best thing i found for newborn was prefold with a nappy nipper it worked a treat not to bulky but great for poop lol, i used to fold in three and then fold 2 wings out,if u put in google kite prefold u should find it

M - posted on 10/20/2010




My favorite newborn pocket is the Fuzzi Bunz XS. I've also tried the Rumparooz Lil Joeys and the Thirsties XS. However, these are AIO dipes. The Fuzzi Bunz are the only newborn pockets I'm aware of. I liked them best because they fit up to about 12 lbs. However, Lil Joeys comes with a snap down in the front that keeps it from covering the cord.

If you don't want to spend money on newborn dipes you may also consider a newborn diaper rental program like this one: http://www.pootersdiapers.com/diaper-pac...

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