Potty training the cloth diapered baby?

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I keep telling myself that I've potty trained before, but my 7 yr old wore disposables, and was much older when she finally potty trained, and my LO is such a different child.
So I've heard that cloth diapered children will potty train much sooner b/c they can feel that they're wet. My LO has never seem to have been bothered by wet or poopy diapers, so I figured it would be awhile. We haven't done any EC stuff. She's almost 18 months.
About a month ago, I got our training potty out and sat it in the bathroom. A few days later, my 7 yr old (homeschooled & home all day) went to the bathroom and the baby followed her, I stripped the baby down and sat her on the potty. While the older one went, she said 'Look, I'm going peepee. Can you go peepee?' Baby watched very intently. Then she went!
So now every time any of the rest of us go potty, we ask the baby if she needs to go potty and she'll follow us in there (my husband even sits to pee now- i can just feel my bathroom is cleaner, LOL) , and sit. She doesn't always pee, but she tries (she frequently passes gas when she tries and thinks this is hilarious). So she knows how to make herself go. (We've only been successful with one poop on the potty, but I know that will come later.)
Two nights ago, she was playing naked in the bathroom after her bath, and she got up from where she was playing, sat on her potty and peed. When she's having naked time after diaper changes, if she has an accident, she points at it, stops the flow(?) gets on her potty, and will more often than not, pee more. So she's making the connection.
Also about half the time, she wakes up with a dry diaper, but wet or dry, I always ask if she wants to go potty and she'll always sit & always pees.
When she's diapered, she shows no interest in the potty, until one of us goes, and we always ask her if she wants to go. She can get her diapers off, if she's not wearing anything else.
But I'm wondering if I should get some waterproof training pants for her, and how many? Is it too soon? We have a couple of my older daughters non-waterproof ones- gerber I think, from wal-mart- that I could try out on her to see if she's ready to pull them up & down on her own. But if she was able to get them on and off, and I got her training pants, is she just going to take them on and off at random completely unrelated to going to the potty? I def. want to get waterproof ones though whenever we're ready for those, whether it's now, or down the road.
I'm kinda sad b/c I love cloth diapering! I convinced a friend of mine to give it a shot, and it makes me want to try some different ones. I'm not sure if I'm going to have anymore kids, so it would be completely stupid to buy more diapers at this point :-(
I'm wondering what the experienced moms think on the subject....


Jenny - posted on 06/03/2010




If you do get waterproof ones and you want ones she can get down by herself, I will tell you NOT to get kushies. I love them cause they contain the pee so well but there are a couple of problems I have found. First, my son cannot get them down by himself, while he does just fine with the gerber training pants that aren't waterproof. Second, because they are waterproof, it keeps him warmer and he doesn't notice when he's wet. I used the gerber's for everything but car trips or when he napped, that way he could tell when he wet. he hated being wet in those. Just a couple thoughts, hope they help.


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Lori - posted on 06/11/2010




Similar question here - I'm totally clueless about potty training, and hadn't expected to be looking into it so early. My son (19 months) recently started going pee and poop on the potty (not every time, but frequently). I wasn't really trying to potty train officially, but was letting him get used to the idea of being on the potty... but he got a big kick out of it, and now claps and goes "YAY!" every time he goes - LOL.

But so right now he's still in his diaper when not on the potty, and I'm wondering what is recommended for how long to keep using the cloth diapers in addition to the potty, and when to try to transition to underwear/training pants. (Does everyone use training pants of some kind? I'm not familiar with what's out there. I know I don't want to use sposie type pullups.) And even when they're out of diapers during the day, how long do you keep them in diapers for sleeping?

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Thanks Jenny. I tried a Gerber one on her after the first post, and she could get it up and down on her own, and really liked it, and didn't want to take it off, so I'm going to get some more (I only found one old one... I guess my house ate the rest of them, LOL), and play it by ear. Thanks!

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