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I am researching cloth diapers. I have an 18 month old and 4 month old and we plan to have more. My husband and I have been toying with the idea since I was pregnant with my son (the 18 month old) and now we're finally deciding to go for it. I would like to know who likes what and why theyre so great. I'm also on a budget so great quality for little money is important, or if you know of sales going on, or discount opportunities that would be most helpful. Thank you!


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I make and sell cloth diapers. I use them on my little girl and I love them. I also have many friends who use them and love them. I charge reasonable prices designed for people on a budget, the price varies with the size.

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I have tried pocket diapers, AIOs, prefolds with a cover, etc. The only kind of diaper that has worked consistently for me is fitted cloth diapers with a cover. They are bulky, but what isn't? I have found the others to leak much more often. I decided to make them so I could adjust them to exactly what I wanted, and now I make all of my sons diapers, and sell them on etsy. There are loads of people on etsy who make and sell cloth diapers of all types, and they are very reasonable most of the time. Now that I look back, I can't believe I paid almost $20 per diaper for Fuzzi Bunz! I sell my fitteds for far less, and there are diaper makes on Etsy (and elsewhere I'm sure) who sell them for even less. 

I'm laughing because just yesterday I bought a package of newborn diapers, so I could make a diaper template from one to make newborn cloth diapers with. I was really taken aback by the cost. I had forgotten how expensive it really is to keep a child in disposable diapers! 

By the way, there is a large market for used cloth diapers out there if you know where to look and you are ok with used diapers. (Some are, some aren't) You might try Ebay no longer allows the sale of used "underwear." That doesn't mean you can't find them there, but they're sort of incognito. ;)



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I have tried and loved Bum Genius 3.0 One Size, and Fuzzi Bunz :-)..and Sweet Pea Diapers (One Size).

The BG 3.0 seems really expensive, but it works for 90% if not all of your childs growth, which I loved. I turned mine from velcro to snaps though, as I like snaps better. I have never tried, but heard great things about Happy Heiny's one size too.

The sweet Pea Diapers are a smaller fit than the BumGenius, but I love them too.

Now I make my own dipes, from my own pattern, and I love them even better :-) has a whole collection of Stay at home, work at home mom's who make diapers, or have stores, and sell them. You can get amazing deals there :-) and dipes that no one else has.


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My sister makes diapers, and is making mine.  They fit similar to disposable diapers, and you can choose any kind of patter or coloring you want.  She makes them with the best available materials, and pads them quite thick for less chance of leakage.  I'm not sure what she charges for them, but I could certainly put you in touch with her, if you're interested  =)

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The ones I use are an all in one, so it is as easy as a disposable to put on.  i bought them at  They are also one size fits all so you could use the same diapers for both kids. all you do is fold down on a small baby and use regularly on a bigger baby/ toddler.  Directions come with the diapers. these cost about 11 dollars each for the ones I bought. ( baby love fitted all in one) and you save a dollar per diaper if you buy 36 or more.  I have 36 and it is  much more than I need for one baby, and with diapering two you will have enough for laundry faster, 20 is the recomended load, so I would suggest buyingabout 40? You can also buy extra pads for absorbancy. I do not recomend the ones on the website, the are too skinny so they warp in the wash, I bought Kushies pads in packs of six, they are countoured and thicker.  It seems expensive at first to buy the diapers but, with 2 in diapers and planning on more, you will save a lot. I have saved a ton just using them on my son ( 3rd child)

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