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a nice lady told me to come to this group to get more advice on cloth diaper and most of you know how they are used and how well they work and what not. i was wondering how well they really work. to save money this is the best route for my family. along with breast feeding. here are the few questions

rashes do they happen as common as regular diaper

is there prefolded cloth diapers.

any advice you ladies give me i love you for it. i have a 3 year old and money on diaper with him was more then 300 in a year. but doing laundry isn't hard and knowing its easy to have them on hand. and not worrying about where i'm getting the money to buy a box of diapers.

thanks again


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My diaper costs are about $8 a month (including electricity and detergent and flushable liners) in the summer and $12 in the winter, much cheaper then buying disposables and better for the environment and baby. Rashes happen no matter what kind of diaper youuse, some kis are prone to them and others aren't. My son was part time cloth diapered and never had rash, my daughter can't wear disposables at all or she gets a blooding rash within a day no metter what brand we tried, she gets rashes it she is in the plastic type of waterproof covers all day, but is fine in wool, fleece or gdiapers. There are tons of different types of diapers and almost all of them do not require folding and pinning. It really depends on your budget.

From most to least expensive you have

All in ones are the most expensive but they work just like a disposable put it on clean take it off dirty they do up with snaps or velcro no covers or anything.

Pockets are about the same price as AIO's and work the same except you have to stuff the absorbant layer into them through an opening in the back, slightly more work but they dry faster and you can costomize the absorbancy by adding extra soakers for overnight or car trips and what not.

All in 2's are a waterproof cover that you stuff or snap a soaker layer into, these are nice because you only have to wash the outside part if it gets poop on it, otherwise you just toss a new soaker into it and away you go.

Fitteds and covers are my husbands favorite and what we have used primarily, this is a 2 part system, a fitted cloth diaper theat does up with velcro or snaps and then an added waterproof cover, these are nice because you can use different types of covers on them as needed and they are fairly affordable, last a long time and generally are easy to wash without a lot of fuss.

Prefolds are the cheapest way to go, they are sew as if they were a flat diaper that has already been folded so that there are more layers in the middle then on the edges, they are really easy to fold onto baby and can be pinned or you can use a snappi (snappis are great little diaper fasteners that are "T" shaped with little hooks like the clips you use on a tensor bandage) The other option is the simple fold the prefold into threes and lay it in a cover like a Bummie super whisper wrap, easier but more likely to get poop on the cover espeacially when exclusivly breast feeding.

Flats are what your grandmother used to diaper her babies, just a square of cotton flannel or birdseye that you fold and pin or snappi on baby and add a cover. In most cases prefolds are actually cheaper then flats as they are more common.

Covers for fitteds prefolds or flats

PUL (polyurathane lined) covers are availible from several companies, the most popular are the Bummies Super whisper wraps (often refered to as BSWW) and thirsties covers, both are great, BSWW are cheaper. These are more or less the standard diaper covers

Polar fleece is water proof and allows more air to circulate reducing the chance of rashes, if you can sew it is easy to find patterns for fleece wraps or pull on covers, stacinator fleece are my favorite but beware the sizing is terrible on them, my 20Lbs 16 month old still wears the Newborn size. Bummies also makes a polar fleece wrap that is great.

Wool is the best option IMO wool is a natural fibre completely bombproof will not leak even on a a super soaker over night, if you can crochet or knit you can make your own for a decent price, but if you can't make them your self or have a friend or family member who will then they are pretty expensive because of the labour involved. You need 100% wool (you can get away with 85% but 100% is better) and don't use superwash woll you want the stuff that has to be washed by hand and laid flat to dry. Don't worry about washing though because wool is an amazing fibre it doesn't hold bacteria or smell and you usually only have to wash wool covers every few weeks.

Well there you have it, Gdiapers with cloth inserts are my new favorites simply because I can fit more inserts in a load of wash then I can fitteds and we are about to have 2 in diapers so minimizing laundry is a big bonus here. Otherwise bamboo or hemp fitteds and wool covers. But what works for us might not work for you. Many cloth diaper stores have trial packages that you can rent and try out on baby to find what it is you like the best.


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i agree with miss jan thats about all there is to say about them. they are really great to use and you can even make your own. so you can go even more environmentally and economically positive and reuse old tees sheets ect for soakers and liners. and i dont know if i should say it i dont want to be giving a propmo but i also use charlies soap to wash them in (its a laundry detergent) and it really helps with the build up of soap that can actually repel the pee if not taken care of and add some baking soda and tea tree and lavender oil into the load because they are natural antiseptics so it really helps out with how clean they are as well as how fresh they smell

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Wow, I wish I knew Jan when I was trying to decide! It took me hours of research online to figure out what I wanted to use.

We use flats and Bummis wraps. We rarely have blowouts and when the flat doesnt get it all, the wrap does. I like the flats because it was cheap and not very involved. I spent $120 on the flats and my costs hydro and water bill have increased by $5 a month combined. The wraps come insizes, so I have hd to buy 12 now = $120 and will probably have to buy one more set of six in a few months. We also use liners so that #2's are easoer to deal with. They still stain the CD because he's breastfed, but it gets most of it off the CD.

We use disposables when we go out for ease and within a few hours, my DS has a rash. He hasnt had a single rash in his CD's though.

Best of Luck!

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I love the pocket diapers. I think Jan & Jenny pretty much covered everything else, so I'll just say that happy heinys one-sized work great for us. We also had good luck with fuzzi bunz, but as Jenny pointed out...they may have changed since I used them. Bum genius diapers were too small to actually take us to potty training, and we immediately had a stink issue with them yet had no problems with the happy heinys. Try a few before you buy a bunch, and GOOD LUCK! It's totally worth it in my opinion.

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Jan kind of told you pretty much all you need to know about the kinds of diapers. I will just tell you about my experience. I used prefolds with bummis super whisper wraps and bummis super whisper pants when we started. I used snappis to keep the prefold in place. This didn't work for our first born because he got rashes very easily if he was wet and he was a super soaker. So we moved on to pocket diapers. We use fuzzi bunz, but I am no longer recommending them to people because they are making them exclusively in china now, and every china diaper that I have gotten from them has shrunk two inches in the first load of laundry (washed with other diapers that didn't shrink, so it's not my laundry methods that are the problem). They do have great customer service though. I would recommend a pocket diaper company other than them though, if you want to go that route. I like pocket diapers because they have microfleece against the baby's skin that keeps the moisture away from baby. That really cuts down on rashes for us. our son was rashy almost daily until we switched to pockets, then he only got them about every other week, now he's potty trained and we're done with rashes! yay. I would also recommend snaps rather than velcro because velcro seems to wear out faster, in my experience. though some prefer it because it allows you to adjust the diaper better to baby...I never had any trouble with my sons. Hope this helps you.

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