Softening prefolds?

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Hey Everyone,

I don't have time to search thru past posts, so please forgive me, b/c I know this question has been asked a million times.
I've been CDing my 2 yr old since 6 wks old, but all I ever used was pocket diapers, until recently and use fitteds for overnights. So with my newborn, until she's big enough to fit into our stash of pockets, I'm using prefolds with ProWrap covers. Very happy with this arrangement.
Since I never used prefolds with my other baby, I've never had this problem. I line dry, for economical as well as environmental reasons. Diapers are scratchy. I *cheat* and put them in the dryer (with dryer balls) for a few minutes when I bring them in and that helps some, but not enough.
I've got some fleece liners that I made for my 2 yr old to wear with her overnights, (otherwise she's BRIGHT bright red), that I'm trying as I type, BUT on a 7 lb baby, it adds so much more bulk. (My mom suggested disposable wipes as a liner- I use them once and then wash them with the diapers and can wash them at least 3 times before they fall apart, so that's another thing I'm gonna try, but eventually would have to buy more and that kinda defeats the whole purpose of using cloth)
I'm washing all the diapers & covers together, so if I do something in the wash, I need to be able to do with covers, microfiber inserts etc.
I've heard vinegar is a good softener, but that it's horrible on the PUL. What about baking soda? I often sprinkle that in the pail to deodorize and haven't found that it really helps as a softener. I have really hard water if that makes any difference. THANKS LADIES!!!!


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Jenny - posted on 03/02/2011




the only way I found to keep prefolds soft is to put them in the dryer. If you are just looking for a liner, you could buy a yard of microfleece and cut it up to fit the diapers and put it in each one. I've made my own pocket diapers with microfleece on them and it holds up well through many washings without getting pilly(just make sure you get microfleece, NOT regular fleece that will pill up and chafe). HOpe that helps.

Katherine - posted on 03/01/2011




I usually wash my diapers once a week and have them in a dry pail. I wash with 2 cycles. First cycle is cold and in go the poopie diapers with about a quarter cup baking soda. I approximate this. Second cycle is hot and keep the poopie diapers in the wash, and add any pee diapers. I have 2 pails to keep them separate. Add more baking soda, detergent (I use All Free and Clear to the '1' level) OR about 1 T of Dawn, and then vinegar in the fabric softener spot. That is great that you can line dry--I do use the drier and have asked my husband for a line...Anyhow, The baking soda and vinegar might help and it doesn't seem to bother my PUL, I use Thirsties and they are on their second run with my new little one.We also have really hard water, but I'm not sure how my method will help with line drying. Couldn't hurt to try the vinegar...

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