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Marie - posted on 04/21/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




I was hesitant to use tea tree oil in away way, shape or form on my daughter, however lately I have been putting drops in the diaper pail (dry method) and a few drops in the wipes solution (coconut oil, Dr. Bronners baby, and lavender, with a few drips of tea tree) HOWEVER, today I had a mom practically yell at me telling me do not use it at all around my daughter, not until she is 12 years old.

Now, I used to work at an aromatherapy shop and I do not recall this at all. I was only hesitant because when I was travelling I used it a few times and broke out into a huge rash where it was exposed, but never here at home (could have been stronger? who knows maybe my body was out of whack).

Anyway, am I wrong to be using it?


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No way are you wrong to be using tea tree oil.. We have cloth wipes and a little bottle with water and a few drops of tea tree oil in it.. we have been doing this for a year now and NO problems at all.. if anything it is beneficial for those rashes they sometimes get.. it is an antiseptic, and it also helps with mildew and dandruff, and we put drops in our shampoo to prevent my kindergartner from getting headlice... and the list goes on.. I say you are doing just fine, and the mom that yelled at you needs to be educated on the matter... Also if I were you I would test it on your skin again to see if YOU have an allergy to the product. If you do have an allergy, I would test it on your daughter.. if everything is fine then you are ok to continue use.. .. Oh yea and be sure to dilute.. this is very important.. i only use directly on mosquito bites, it stops the itching.. otherwise I put a few drops to a good amount of water..

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My DD had persistant reoccuring yeast rashes for about 4 months and nothing worked except tea tree oil, I only use about 10 drops in 2-3 ox of water and used it instead of wipes solution and it cleared up in a couple of days, now I always put a little in the wipes solution and in 6 months she hasn't had another problem with yeast. i also use it in my general cleaning solution ( boiled soap nuts, washing soda and tea tree oil) and I've never had any issues with it. Most homeopathic anything will say on the label not to use it on anyone under 12 because it has only been approved for use on adults and 12 is the magic age where an adult strength medicinal product can be approved for use. I wouldn't worry about it too much, like others have said, if it is diluted it shouldn't be an issue, straight in high concentrations it can burn the skin but diluted it is a great multi use product.

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Wow, never knew they mimicked estrogen, very interesting. Thanks for the info!

Jenny - posted on 04/22/2010




I don't think you are wrong to use it, it is in quite a few baby diaper rash creams (just got one from northern essence that has it in it.) It is safe for cloth diapers (or they wouldn't be able to make a diaper rash cream for cloth diapers with it in it, and it is safe for babies or they wouldn't be able to use it in a diaper rash cream. There would be huge lawsuits. :) Hope that helps. We actually just bought some yesterday and we use tea tree oil for putting on small cuts and scrapes as well, it's good for healing of things like that. :)


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I washed a load of bed sheets and pillow cases in three drops of tea tree oil and detergent and I have a five month old that cosleeps with us will it hurt him?

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Marie- I have been using Tea Tree oil in my cloth wipes for a year and have no problems/issues. I researched many wipe solutions and a lot called for Tea Tee-antural disenfectant.

Whitney-go on facebook and contact a lady called Marlin Carlin Dart. She created a product called Mari Magic. It truly is magic!!! My little one had open sores on her bottom and after 4 days of using the cream her rash was gone!! It is well worth the price!

Whitney - posted on 04/23/2010




okay, so my 3 wko daughter has thrush and pedi prescribed Nystatin by mouth. the thrush isn't getting worse but what do i do about the crazy rash on her bottom? i'm pretty sure they're related. someone suggested an e.oil but i don't really know anything about them...suggestions?!

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full strength on the skin can "blister" it, but heavily diluted in water shouldn't be harmful. I love the anti-microbial properties of Tea Tree oil. In fact, I mix my own hand sanitizer with just a few drops of the following oils in water and use it on young hands shopping carts, etc with good success. Lavender, Cinnamon leaf, peppermint, palmarosa, lemon, etc.

Lauren - posted on 04/22/2010




I think this woman told you not until your daughter is twelve because tea tree oil (as well as lavender, and a few others!) can mimic estrogens. If you don't use a ton and dilute it, it's perfectly safe. I have read of a few cases where little boys had swollen breasts due to use of lavender oil for cuts and such, but basically that was the only side effect- no horrible hormone disruption and nothing long lasting. However, if you tend to use a LOT of essential oils, especially lavender and tea tree, you might want to limit how much you use topically on your daughter. I personally use tea tree oil in my daughter's wipes as well without a second thought! I would also use it for cuts and boo-boos, but just not tons of it.

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