Tell me about your cloth diaper process and materials

Ellie - posted on 09/30/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




I am excited about cloth diapering when my son arrives in January, but keep running the scenarios through my head as to how the process works, storage between changing and washing, and what kinds of buckets, bags, etc. I will need. Please run me through your process of handling the diaper from the time you take it off your child to the time to toss it into the washing machine. I am planning to use pocket diapers and all-in-ones. Thank you!


Fit2BMe - posted on 10/20/2012




We use GroVia hybrid (all-in-two's). For newborn poop and when out for the day or weekend, we use their biodegradable/deposable inserts for ease. Otherwise, we carry a wet bag (a special bag designed to contain the wet and soiled diapers when you're out.)

At home, we are fortunate enough to have a diaper sprayer as well as our laundry room on the upstairs/family level, so we simply spray the diapers and put them immediately in the laundry tub to soak in baking soda and water until I'm ready to start a load. We also have larger wet bags at home for those times we are changing on a different level of the house or for whatever reason can't spare the couple seconds to get to the laundry room.

Before washing I make sure the bulk of the mess is off (which the diaper sprayer takes care of nicely), soak in the baking soda, and then throw in. The pre-soak eliminates the need for an extra cycle on the washing machine as the liners are already saturated. Then we run through the wash cycle with our nature clean laundry detergent and a couple drops of essential oils (lavender or tea tree). Then into the dryer (in the winter) with dryer balls. In the summer we sunbleach them. Because we live in Canada and deal with long Canadian winters and other weather that isn't conducive to sun bleaching, I am thinking of making a bleach box where I can lay the diapers out (covered) even in the colder/more wet months using a clear plastic cover or something. Just need to put more thought into the design if this.

Mary - posted on 10/10/2012




I use pocket diapers. I have a changing table in an extra room (not anyone's bedroom) with a tall laundry basket on the left side lined with a laundry bag. No lid. I wash every day, since I go through a lot of diapers in one day, and there is not usually a problem with smell. When I washed every two days, there was usually a smell problem. I have two laundry bags, so one can be in the wash with the diapers and the other in the laundry basket. I just throw the diapers and wet wipes (I use cloth wet wipes, which are just serged squares of flannel soaked in water with a few drops of tea tree oil, then wrung out) into the laundry bag in the laundry basket. If I have a dirty diaper from a solids-eating child, I scrape it off into the toilet before putting it in the bag. For an entirely breastfed baby, that is not necessary.

I do not remove the liners from my pockets. The washing machine does that for me. It has worked well with all four kinds of pocket diapers I have used - BumGenius 4.0 (my least favorite), Kawaii One-Size and Kawaii Pure & Natural (my two favorites), and Alva One-Size. I have noticed that in a top-loading washer which I use sometimes when away from home, the liners do not come out as well as they do in my front-loader, so you may want to remove the liners if you have a top-loader.

At washing time, I just pick the laundry bag up out of the laundry basket and empty it into my machine. I wash on a Kids Cycle that heats the water to 150 degrees F, with an extra rinse, and on the Heavy Duty setting. Then I hang the pockets on a drying rack and dry the liners, wipes, and laundry bag in the dryer.

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I used prefold diapers with fabric lined pul covers and disposable wipes and this was my process.

I had the changing table in my baby's room, a diaper sprayer/pail in the bathroom and the main diaper pail down stairs next to the washer in our utility room. I kept a small pail (one of those sand toy pails) outside her door on the floor in the hall way, sometimes in the bathroom. I kept a trash barrel in her room for the wipes. The soiled diaper went in the pail outside the door and I'd reuse the cover unless it was soiled. I would bring the small pail down to the main pail a few times a day as time permitted.

If there was poop I'd put the soiled diaper along with the soiled wipes on the floor by the door first, put a fresh diaper on baby and put her some place safe (crib, floor, bouncy seat). Bring the diaper to the bathroom and spray off wipes, trash em and spray the diaper until solids are gone. I kept a small jar of powdered disinfectant (borax) in the bathroom closet with the cleaning supplies and would use a small amount of it to soak the poopy diaper in the pail over the toilet. I kept a plastic cup with it because if the water is cold, it won't dissolve, I'd dissolve the powder and then pour it in the pail and add water from the sprayer too so the diaper was fully submerged. The Potty Pail was a life saver for me (I bought it online). I never soaked the covers, I would not recommend that. After soaking 10 mins I squeeze out the diaper and either leave it in the small pail upstairs until I had time to go down stairs, or bring it down stairs to the main pail.

Every other day I washed all the diapers together in 3 cycles (I washed the covers separate from the diapers to try to extend the life). The first cycle was a warm rinse with Borax only to disinfect, the second was a hot wash Borax and detergent and the last was a warm rinse. Yes, that's 3 cycles in the washing machine. Then into the dryer with 2 drying towels for 90 minutes on high heat. I have well water, you should adjust your washing cycle depending on the water you have.

I had 2 large wet bags for the main pail, one to use and one to wash. I also didn't use a lid on my pail. I had a plastic tall garbage pail, but it did get very stinky. I would air it out outside every once in a while.

I also had 2 small wet bags for the diaper bag and outings. These are great to have.

You'll come up with a good system, one that works for you. I would def recommend washing every 1.5 or 2 days, don't go any longer.

Also, I would highly recommend not keeping the main pail in baby's bedroom, it is stinky, the stink will grab onto the crib and all the stuff in baby's room, trust me on this one.

Lindsey - posted on 10/04/2012




Yep, everything goes in to the pail, just taken apart so I don't have to do it when I'm loading the washing machine, which you could do, but I find it easier to just separate everything when I first throw it in the pail.

Lindsey - posted on 10/03/2012




I keep my diaper pail in the bathroom, right across from DS's room. After I change him I put him in his crib, take the diaper to the bathroom. If he's pooped I spray the diaper in the toilet and drop in the diaper pail.

I wash diapers every 1.5-2 days.

As far as my pail set up, I just use a garbage can with a pail liner. No lid, it actually smells way better w/o one!

Oh, and you'll want to remove the inserts from the diaper before you throw it in the pail.



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Ellie - posted on 10/04/2012




Thank you, Lindsay! Do you drop the liner in the pail with the diaper, just separately?

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