Tips for overnight diapering?

Charity - posted on 07/26/2010 ( 13 moms have responded )




I have a 6 month boy who is a heavy wetter. I have been using Fuzzi Bunz diapers with an extra hemp insert overnight with sucess until recently. He has been waking up to eat part way through the night and is already wet, so putting him back down is harder when doing complete clothing/bedding change, he wakes up too much. I have been using disposables for a couple of nights instead, but really want to stay with cloth. What has anyone else had good luck with? (Also, he is tall and narrow, so I try to be careful of too much bulk in the diaper)


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we use baby beehinds hemp fitted nappies at night.

They are fantastic... and you can stuff it full of heaps of layers... my daughter is 13 months and still on the tightest setting... so lots of room to grow!

we also have a bumgenious pocket AIO that we use. i fill it with flat fleece nappies. i also use a baby beehind cover over the top as i find its not as waterproof as it should be for night time!

the baby beehind covers are fantastic too! never had a leak with them!

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Our daytime nappies are super trim and need to be changed every 2-3 hours, so they are clearly not enough for night-time. But I found that good fitted nappies (e.g., Baby Beehinds) with a cover work great. The fitted nappy is absorbent all over, so it works for heavy wetters and/or extended periods of time. The company I mentioned even has a nighttime fitted w/ even more absorbency. If you're in the other side of the world (as I believe you are if you call them diapers) I suggest trying to find something equivalent. The fitted ones I'm taking about are not even too bulky, and I have a tiny baby.

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I loved my rumparooz. I used the microfiber inserts for night time. They hold a lot. Now they have inserts that you snap together so you can double up the absorbency where you need it. Check it out. Wool pants are a good option too.

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I have yet to come across a really trim nighttime combo. Also, with the exception of Rumparooz, I have yet to find a pocket or all in one diaper that can hold up during the night for my son without leaking. With that said, here are my top favorite combos that I've found to be bullet proof. I've ordered them from trimmest to bulkiest.

Also, here's a great article for other brands and nighttime combos you can try:

1. Pooters Hemp Fitted + Nifty Nappy Woolie Wrap
2. Pooters Hemp Fitted + Sugar Peas Fleece Cover
3. Rumparooz Pocket diaper
4. FLIP cover + 2 Stay Dry Inserts


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Starting when my boys were about 8 months, we started using two prefolds at night (one premium and an infant with a Snappi to hold them on) and an Aristocrats Wool Soaker. I've never had a leak in the 2 years we've been using that configuration for our twins.

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I have snap diapers, so they have to be on a looser setting around the legs to accomidate (sp?) his thunder thighs, but on the smallest waist setting and we still have a gap. Also, he sleeps on his tummy, which I heard, pocket diapers are not as good for. I find that no matter how many layers I add, the top half of the pads are wet, the bottom not, and he still leaks out. I guess I will have to purchase one or two of the brands reccommended, as the extra layering of my current styles doesn't seem to work. (Have been experimenting with suggestions that didn't involve buying more diapers first)
Thanks agian to all suggestions, any more ideas always appreciated

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I also use fuzzi bunz and have never had a problem with leaking. I use two inserts and he sleeps through the night. He's almost 8 months old. When he was smaller he leaked a few times but that was because the diaper was a weird fit on him. Are the diapers tight enough? Do you have snaps or velcro?

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i have been changing my son when he wakes to eat, then feeding him afterward and he'll usually fall asleep eating. it's only been successful recently - in the past he was too eager to eat and got upset if i tried to change him first... he's gotten used to it or is becoming more patient, but either way it's worth a try for you and your son.

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I use Gro Baby (they're now called GroVia). They're a one sized diaper with a snap in soaker. Add a booster for the night and you're good to go. My son is almost 6 montsh old and sleeps 11-12 hours at night and wakes up with no leaks.

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I went with gdiapers at night. They are biodegradeable inserts or cloth. The outer covers has a snap in plastic liner where the insert goes. I found that I could reuse the outer cover more than one night. They can be costly, but worth it. Shop craigs list or e-bay for good prices.

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My daughter is much older than your son, but we use a premium prefold with an infant prefold in the middle as a doubler. That does the trick! It makes for a gigantic diaper, but she doesn't seem to care and it holds it all!

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is there a website you could gibe me for the place you mentioned?
Thank you so much to all who answered, much easier to get advice from those who use them over reading a brand's ad copy!

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I just started using the nifty nappy fitted with 2 inserts that are hemp and bamboo velour and a woolie wrap. All night no leaks and the wrap is dry too. This is the best combo. Love it. Contact vilate at nifty nappy.

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