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Jacqui - posted on 04/30/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




Hey my baby is getting a bad rash, and so I have started using vaseline to hopefully get rid of it. But I'm wondering if anyone knows whether vaseline affects the absorbability of cloth diapers?? I know other things like penaten are apparently issues. I'm hoping vaseline is fine but I don't want to ruin all my diapers before I find out!


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Jami - posted on 05/08/2009




Zinc doesn't affect the absorbancy. It's all of the other junk they put in the creams. You can get a zinc oxide powder at any drug store (look in the baby isle) which should clear up any normal rash and not harm your diapers a bit. The brand we use is called Caldesene.

Alexandria - posted on 05/07/2009




I would totally avoid vaseline. For diaper rashes we use Substance brand "Nappy rash ointment". It has calendula in it which cures the diaper rash really quickly, and no Zinc that will affect the absorbancy.

Jacqui - posted on 05/03/2009




Actually, I'm pretty sure it's the wipes I'm using. I just took those little baby cloths that you get thousands of at your shower and started using those, but I find they are actually quite rough. Anyway I started applying baby oil to her bottom at ever diaper change, and it seems to have cleared it up!

Vilate - posted on 05/02/2009




whatever you decide to use I would use a protective layer of microfleece in your diaper. just a lay in insert type thing.

Good luck. What type of diaper and cover do you use? if they aren't breathable that could be causeing the rash.

Anastasia - posted on 05/01/2009




Agreed - if you mean regular vaseline, it's sole purpose is to seal out moisture, you will probably need to strip the diapers you've used with it. I avoid petroleum jelly products in general, there are plenty of cloth diaper friendlier treatments around - I've used a few with good results, including Burt's Bees diaper rash cream and Earth Mama Angel Baby bottom balm.

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Do you mean Vaseline petroleum jelly? If so I would tend to think it would affect the absorbency of your diapers since it repels moisture... Although I have never used Vaseline on my son so I can't tell you for sure. What I have read is to avoid bum creams that contain zinc oxide (penaten, Zincofax, etc...) which is what usually causes the problems with absorbency.

I think you might be able to get rid of the rash with a calendula cream ( in health food stores). I hope this helps!

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