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Okay. My LO is 21 mos. Suddenly her urine output has increased. Previously, she could wear a 3 layer microfiber insert for a couple of hours. Now as soon as she pees, it leaks. Previously she could wear 5 layers of microfiber overnight (and this was with her nursing ALL NIGHT LONG since we co-slept) and was just fine- could wear the same diaper for 12 hrs. She now is in her crib and still sleeping the same amount of time, not nursing at all at night now, and is soaking thru 8 layers of microfiber, plus the 2 layers of clothes over her bum- (onesie and pants) and I'm having to change sheets every morning.
I put a 'sposie on her last night. Same thing. Her clothes were wet and the diaper was absolutely soaked. She doesn't drink alot before bed, so I don't understand where or how?
I don't really want to wake her in the middle of the night to change her, but since she's peeing thru everything, that seems to be my only option (unless I also put a vinyl cover over her diaper cover- with the 8 layers she's already pretty bulky and I don't think I could fit more in there if I wanted to..., and she's leaking around her waist- stomach sleeper- the inserts are entirely saturated, it has nowhere to go so it runs out- just depends on how she's laying....)
Any ideas????


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Thanks ladies! I don't think it's the size of the cover- we use OS pocket diapers they come up pretty high on the current setting. She's thin, and has a short rise (in sposies she wears the same size as her 6 month old cousin and she's nearly 2). I got my Motherease yesterday, and am washing it today, going to try it tonight. It fits around her thighs, but it seems big in the waist, which is where the leak always is in the mornings. She weighs 22 lbs so I got the medium sized cover- 20-27 lbs. Do you think I should get the smaller cover?

Roni - posted on 08/28/2010




I would definatly try the next size up or put a wet pad underneath. And I am not talking about the vinyl polyester stuff that you find in stores I mean a cotton pad that has a liner underneath it to stop the wettness but does not make your baby sweat through the night because it still lets the air through! Good Luck!

Jacqueline - posted on 08/28/2010




We are in the same boat and my daughter is only 1! At night I use a blueberry one size with a hemp doubler in a bumgenius OS with a nifty nappy woolie over top all. Sometimes the wool gets a little saturated but sheets and pjs are dry

Sonja - posted on 08/27/2010




I have had this problem before and moved up size and that was the problem solved

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Thanks ladies! I have already ordered 1 Motherease set to see how I like it.
During the day I have moved to a regular insert (either a BG one, or microfiber towel folded into 3rds) with a doubler and that's working and doesn't add too much bulk and also lasts thru her naps.
I have several friends who swear by wool, but they have alot more time on their hands than I do. As it is now, my husband & 7 yr old can handle diaper laundry & actual diapering.

M - posted on 08/26/2010




In my experience, nothing works better for nighttime than fitteds and covers. I recommend you switch your nighttime combo to a bamboo or hemp fitted diaper paired with a wool or fleece cover. My bullet proof combo is a Pooters Hemp Fitted with either a Nifty Nappy Woolie or a Sugar Peas Fleece cover.

In regards to daytime leaks, I'd recommend pairing 1 microfleece insert with 1 bamboo or hemp insert. Microfleece absorbs quickly but overall is not that absorbent. In contrast, bamboo and hemp are more absorbent but don't absorb as quickly as microfleece. However, the two work very well together. Layer the microfleece insert closest to baby's bottom and put the hemp or bamboo insert behind it. Babykicks and Thirsties both make great hemp inserts worth trying. Blueberry actually makes a fleece / bamboo combo insert.

This should help stop your leaks.

Also, like Julie mentioned, Motherease makes a great system and it is worth looking into.

Julie - posted on 08/26/2010




I have the same issue...I use the motherease diaper with a stay dry liner and a motherease cover now and no leaks

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