what is the best way to store away soiled cloth diaper when I'm out with the baby?

Serena - posted on 04/16/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




We're planning on using cloth diaper, what is the best way to remove and sanitize soiled cloth diapers safely withought harsh chemicals. Will Baking Soda do the job?


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Lauren - posted on 04/22/2010




I'll probably be echoing everyone else before me, but we also use just whatever bag we have around as a wet bag- ziploc, grocery bag, anything waterproof. It doesn't have to be cute because the point of it is to hold dirty diapers! I usually use a liner to toss any poo into the toilet and then just wrap the diaper up inside the bag, and put the bag in my purse or car. Wet diapers are pretty compact, so even if you have two or three (or more...) from a day out and about, they don't take up a bunch of space in my purse. When I get home, I dump out the diapers into the pail. It's all very easy! To sanitize, the best way is to use hot water and a detergent that won't leave a residue. As long as you don't smell poo, you've killed bacteria and that means it's clean. Stains are protein residues that you may or may not be able to remove, but as long as they don't smell, it's ok. Stains might get better if you can put the diaper out in the sun for the UV rays to break down the proteins- way better than using bleach!

Sara - posted on 04/21/2010




we use a grocery bag...i mean when you think about it the most you're ever out is like a shopping trip, trip to the zoo, or something of that nature. and mostly its just grocery shopping or short errands! so tied up in the bag works! if its an especially stink mushy poop, i just tie it up in a bag and leave it in the car! it never smells up the car, but i'm always nervous someone will smell it in the diaper bag lol! but thats what works for us...nothing like reusing stuff we already have!! :)

Lauren - posted on 04/18/2010




I second the liners for solid poos... I use flushable liners and they are great! I also have a packet of Kleenex flushable wipes in my bag so when we are out and dealing with a poo I can clean him up and flush everything away easily and not worry about carrying poo around. For wee I just roll up the nappy and put in the wetbag. I do use cloth wipes when out for wee only and the flushable wipes for poo.

If there is no toilet nearby I will try and double bag the nappy if we are out for a long time but it's amazing where you will find toilets when you really need one... I have never really been stuck long with a pooey nappy. Get a few wetbags in diff sizes as you may not always need a super large one etc

with Modern Cloth Nappies (MCN) you will shorten their life and absorbency if you use chemicals. Get an Eco friendly powder (powder is better than liquid as it won't clog fibres as much) and do a prerinse in your machine, then a long cycle hot or cold wash with only half the recommended amount of powder and NO Softeners.. Any stains will fade out if left in direct sunlight for a day.

M - posted on 04/17/2010




I'll answer your question in 3 parts:

1. you'll never need harsh chemicals to clean a soiled cloth diapers whether you're out or at home. Just always be sure to use a cloth diaper friendly detergent and you'll be fine. You can find a list here:


2. if you decide to breastfeed, then for the first 5 months or so when he/she is exclusively breastfed, you'll just need to store your soiled diapers in some sort of waterproof bag (i.e. ziploc bag, plastic grocery bag, or wetbag) while you're out. I personally prefer wetbags because they keep odors in the best. They now have some new ones out that have two pockets - one for dirty diapers and one for clean diapers - which make it easy to keep things organized.

3. once baby starts on solids you have two options. (1) You can continue storing your dirty diapers in the waterproof bag while you're out (try to shake off as much as you can while you're out), rinse off the remaining poo when you get home, toss in your diaper pail, and launder as usual. or (2) my personal favorite - you can use disposable diaper liners. They're like thick, soft paper towels that you place inside of the diaper to catch the poo. While you're out, you just toss the soiled liner in the toilet or trash and place the wet diaper in your waterproof diaper bag. When you get home, toss in your diaper pail and launder as usual.

I like option 2 better because by throwing away the poo you don't have to worry about the mess or the smell later. You can sprinkle them with baking soda, but honestly I've found you have enough to carry while you're out and toting baking soda around might be more of a pain than it's worth.

Here's a link to the type of disposable diaper liners I use. I've tried a few brands and found these work best.


Tammy - posted on 04/17/2010




I also use a wet bag but I sometimes put them in a nappy bag (x-small plastic bag) before i put them in there. If there is a toilet nearby I will dispose of the poo first. When we get home I just dry pail until washing day. I also wash three times a week. I use Rockingreen soap. I remove the insert first, put everything in the washing machine and then do a pre-rinse, wash and rinse x 2 at 60 degrees. Hanging up to dry in the sun is best to remove any stains and such. I also use cloth wipes and do the same cycle.

Victoria - posted on 04/16/2010




Ziploc Freezer bags with the double zipper are what I use. Works like a champ.

Jenny - posted on 04/16/2010




We use a wet bag (just a zippered waterproof bag) for while we are out and about. Then when we get home, we spray off the poopy diapers and put them in a pail (no water, just the diapers) Three times a week I wash them. I use Charlie's Soap. I do a cold prewash cycle with an extra rinse, no detergent. Then I do a hot wash/cold rinse, the longest cycle on the machine with 1/2 scoop charlie's soap and 1/2 scoop baking soda. (I have a frontloader right now so with a toploader I would use a whole scoop of each). Then I take a diaper/insert out and smell it to make sure it is clean, then if it is not, I repeat the wash step. If it is clean, I do a warm/cold full wash cycle with no detergent to rinse them completely. I hang them up to dry. I use cloth wipes too, and I use the same wash cycle on them, just wash them with the diapers. Hope that helps.

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