Would it be worth it to switch from disposable to cloth?

Rachel - posted on 09/27/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son is 17 months old and I have used disposables with him from birth. Just recently I tried to start potty training and bought 12 cloth pullups for pretty cheap ($15) and we tried for a few weeks but then I decided to stop because it was more stress than fun and he really had no clue that anything was happening down there. I plan to start up again in January but until then I would like to save money so I've still been using the pullups and just using diapers for naps and night and when we are out, at church, etc. But they do leak frequently so I'm wondering if it would be worth it to invest in some cloth diapers to use until we start potty training again.

Any thoughts and please advise on which kinds would be best for toddlers who don't like to lay down for diaper changes.


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User - posted on 11/11/2011




How are you.. My name is Sonia and im a mum of a 5 month old bab boy.. Im actually writting to let you that im now selling some really qood quality nappys prob second best from Huggies a box for $40 i only have small and mediums sizes left a box of smalls 4-8 kilos you get 240 nappies and 2 packs of baby wips or for $40 mediums 6-11 kilos 210 nappies and 2 packs of baby wipes.. Im that happyp with the quality that i do money back garantee, Just thought i would share with you before they all sell out and or if you know of others who may be intersted. I live at Carrara so can organise free drop off is in the area and perhaps out bubs can meet ;-) oh you can email me at cagey1@tpg.com.au or call on 0423097418

Maegan - posted on 08/04/2011




Most defently!! a box of 68 diapers last us for almost 3 months cause we only use maybe one a day and thats only at nighttime

Elizabeth - posted on 07/17/2011




I suggest buying used ones on craigslist or ebay. I would try a few different kinds at first and then decide what you want to load your stash with. We tried a few different kinds before we found what we like and what works for us. If you plan on having another child it's most definitely worth buying brand new. Try to find some on sale.
Pretty much all diapers are just easier to change laying down, my lo doesn't like laying down either. She just wants to run around. I suggest finding some with snaps though because I find that when I'm putting one with snaps on her while she is sitting up I know exactly where to fasten them and they are always on right, if I use the velcro ones I have to keep adjusting them until they are right (if I put them on while she's sitting/standing).
I use GroVia, they work for us. Mainly though I think snaps are a must for the mobile little ones!
Blueberry Diapers has cloth trainers that have a waterproof layer and are absorbant, but they look like underwear. They aren't cheap though :( About $16 a pop, but they are on sale right nowbuy 5 get one free.

Stefie - posted on 10/22/2010




It will be worth your investment, especially if you have more children! We use bum genius and invested about 150. We never really used sposies, but I think that is a few months of them. My 26 month old DD has no interest in the potty, they really say to start potty training near 2 and a half years old. You will still get tons of use out of them!!!

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At this late stage you could try and buy some preloved (used) cloth diapers, there are websites dedicated to this. This is a great way to save money and you can also sell them on when your done. If you were planning on having more children at any time, then by all means have a look at Birth to Potty type diapers, you'll then make the savings when you use them for the next one. Alternatively, depending on what the reusable pullups are like, you could always try adding a booster (extra padding inside) to prevent leaks. This is a relatively cheap alternative, a prefold diaper would probably be the best thing to use, although they are bulky, they essentially have all the absorbancy of a cloth diaper. Hope this is useful. I used cloth on my little one almost from day 1, but i stopped and switched to disposable pullups when i started potty training, i wish i hadn't bothered, my son was quite slow to potty train and the sposies cost me a fortune, and the types specifically designed for potty training didn't quite have the effect i was hoping they would, so in my opinion, they are a waste of money. Cloth all the way!!!

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