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Co-Mamas / Step-wives ... Moms and Stepmoms partnering together

A space for biological moms and step moms to talk about how we partner to do the best for our children. This is a place to celebrate the positives and uphold the successes between the women in a child's life. Although there are many spaces in which we can do some much needed venting, this is a space to do something more unusual: focus on what does work. Feel free to ask questions, but do not use this group as an opportunity to speak negatively about your child's other mom figure. Frame your questions in terms of how to improve a situation you're in, and offer ways you've made things work to other ladies in the group. Thank you for joining! Our philosophy: Moms and stepmoms have a lot going against us. Women have a harder time with the idea of children bonding with someone new than men do. We've just gone through divorces that are often very ugly and have battled with our exes in ways that bring out the worst in everyone. Then there's the pervasive assumption that moms and stepmoms just can't get along - we're bound to be enemies. I believe that we need to change our fundamental assumptions about co-mama relationships. A good woman in your child's other home can be your best ally. Early in our stepfamily relationship, my therapist told me that women often end up getting along better with each other than the two biological parents do. We're both women! We didn't divorce each other! If we can get past the stereotypes it's often easier for us to see eye-to-eye.