Happy Mother's Day Girls!!!

Jaime - posted on 05/07/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




Step or Bio......... It's Mother's Day, enjoy your day with the kiddies, and make those men spoil you!!!

Anyone know what they are doing???

Every year my girls and I go to the local greenhouse and start choosing our flowers. It is almost like a mother's day tradition with 4 generations of girls together. Then we head out for a Mother's Day brunch. This year I have to fit in acouple hours of sleep in the afternoon....yuck working 12hr nights........


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Jaime - posted on 05/11/2009




Hope you girls had a great mothers day. I was treated extra special and enjoyed my whole day until I hadto go to work at 7pm.
Loved all my homemade gifts.

Angela - posted on 05/08/2009




Mothers day will be interesting this year. I dont have a mother or granmother, I am the end of the line in my family now. My oldest daughter wants to lie low. she isnt talking to my son who lives with me so wont be visiting. She broke up with her husband of 9 weeks last week, they have 2 live children and one who died from sids 2 yrs ago so she isnt in a good place. the next daughter lives too far away and so I wont see her or my granddaughter either. The two that live with me are intending to do stuff for me . Molly has actually got me a gift this year that she put on layby and paid off. (unusual for a 16 yr old alien) I am looking forward to that. rob wants to spoil me. so it should be nice at home.

I really like the poem leaha.

Debbie - posted on 05/07/2009




Leaha that's gorgeous, did you write that or who did?

I have footy at 8:30 in the morning, which I first aid for. Then come home and call my mum and nan then go to bed for a night shift....oh and on the way to footy my son is buying me McDonalds for breaky...yum yum lol

Also its his birthday he will be 9 but we are moving it to sat this year so I can concentrate on him for the day not him on me vise versa. Then it's my birthday on monday.....I did want to swap Allan fathers day /mothers day but it proved too difficult to buy for three of us......oh well!!

I wish you all the best Mothers day yet!!!!!!!!

Francesca - posted on 05/07/2009




we've already had mothers day here in the uk!!!

but i'll still get my hubby to spoil me LOL

Leaha - posted on 05/07/2009




Stepmothers of grown children find the grace

To love beneath a banner of their own.

Each is more than friend, though not by blood;

Parent, yet not part of childhood;

Mother, yes, in truth, but not in stone.

Opening their arms to our embrace,

They give to us what's theirs to give alone:

Hearts unhindered by a child's good,

Ears unhampered by what words we would,

Regard deep rooted in a single tone

Shared through fondness for a single face.

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