The Circle of Moms site will be discontinued on March 1st, 2020. Head to POPSUGAR Family's Facebook page for more community discussions.

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Our guidelines are simple and are meant to help maintain an atmosphere of generosity and respect, so that everyone can have a positive experience here. They can be boiled down to this: please always try to add value to this community rather than take it away.

RESPECT. We're all moms here, and we all know that while motherhood is incredibly rewarding, it's not easy. So we start from a place of respect—for each other, for our children, for the huge challenge of being a mom. We recognize that there's much to be gained from the EXCHANGE of reassurances and ideas with other moms, who understand like no one else. And we thrive when we have access to non-judgemental SUPPORT and try to PAY IT FORWARD by giving that support readily to others. Let's keep our community ENCOURAGING, CONSTRUCTIVE, and THOUGHTFUL!

And keep “No T.H.U.M.P.S.“ in mind:

  1. Threats (You may not publish or post direct, specific threats of violence or illegal acts against others.)
  2. Hate Speech (No slurs or stereotyping.)
  3. Unlawful Use (You may not use Circle of Moms for unlawful purposes or promotion of illegal activities. If it's illegal where you live or in the state of California it's illegal here.)
  4. Misrepresentation (You must be who you say you are. No false profiles or false children's profiles.)
  5. Personal attacks (You may not abuse, slander, or vilify another member.)
  6. Spam (You may not publish or post solicitations or advertisements except in designated areas.)

Enjoy Circle of Moms!