What is your childbirth story?

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I had both of my girls naturally without an epidural, medications, an episiotomy, or other interventions. Bevin was 8 lbs 3 oz and Cordelia was 8 lbs 10 oz. I labored, delivered without extended pushing times and recovered much quicker than friends and family I know that had other interventions and medications. I was able to initiate early bonding and breastfeeding and able to get out of bed shortly after labor and take care of my babies and not have others having to do it for me.

My youngest did have some meconium but she recovered quickly since she was not sedated from an epidural and medications. I delivered both my children at term without being induced which was very painful for some of my friends and family.

I also had relatively quick labors with my first being 10 hours and my second a little less than 5 hours. I also had short pushing times of about 15-20 minutes. I did deliver in a hospital since I am a nurse and know the complications that can occur during labor. I don't live within 5 minutes of a hospital so I wanted to deliver in a hospital in case complications occurred.

I am very happy with my birth experiences since I was awake and completely aware, able to control my pushing, able to bond with my daughters immediately after birth and able to get up out of bed almost immediately after birth.


Amber - posted on 12/27/2010




@ Rebecca, I would write a birth plan and discuss it with your doctor. Have you taken any natural childbirthing classes? I took the Bradley Method and my instructor was aware of most practitioners in the area that were natural childbirth friendly. I live in the central Arkansas area so I'm not sure what's available in your area. Also it may be policy but that doesn't mean that it has to apply to every VBAC. It's policy for continuous electronic fetal monitoring but that doesn't mean you can't discuss it with your doctor to have intermittent fetal monitoring. It's also routine to give Pitocin which speeds your labor by increasing the strength and ultimately the pain of your contractions but with most women, this is not necessary. A birth plan is a good way to discuss with your doctor what his/her practices are and what he and the doctors in his group will allow.


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I have had four natural births using the Bradley method with all of them. I did have an episiotomy with my first one because she went into fetal distress. I never had an episiotomy with the other three. My labors were 19, 15, 11, and 33 hours long. I also had natural prenatal care and never had ultrasound, doptone, or the electronic fetal monitor during labor. I was allowed to eat during labor.

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I had a c-section at 34wks with my daughter (1st child) because I had bleeding(believed placenta was detaching). I also had contractions for 34 hrs and they monitored me on a hospital bed for 24 hrs (so uncomfortable). They said the night before if the bleeding didn't subside/and or the unproductive contractions didn't stop/slow then they would do a c-section in the morning. They didn't want to wait for it to become serious and end up in an emergency c-section. If they thought I could deliver her vaginally they would've allowed it, but I only dilated to 1cm. She came out healthy 6 lbs 18" and no need for ventilator. By the time they gave me the spinal block I almost slept through the operation (I had been up and in pain for over 34hrs.) I was exhausted. I am 28weeks now and am planning a Vbac. I was hoping to go natural (don't want complications caused by drugs). My mom had 7 kids all-natural. Today I just found out about their policy of having an epidural for a VBAC. I really don't want one. I hate to change providers at this point... (not sure of other providers stance in this area) the gal said it depends on how adamant I am about it and if I can convince the doctor not to give me one. I was completely healthy w/first pregnancy just fluke complications at the end and this pregnancy is going perfectly well.
Looking for advice/suggestions. I live in S.E. Idaho, also interested in finding out about other practitioners in the area and their feelings on Vbac.

Cora - posted on 08/25/2010




I had both my babies natural without any drug intervention. My son was 9 pounds 6 ounces. My daughter was 7 pounds 15 ounces. Both labors were VERY VERY quick.
I was very young when I had my son, I was in lbor for about 5 and half hours total time for him. Pushed for only 45 minutes.
My daughter was even less time from start to finish 1 hour 46 minutes, that including the 15 minutes of pushing with her.
I LOVE the fact i was able to have my babies without medicane intervention and I plan to do it again with my future babies =) It's the GREATEST feeling in the world

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