School of Wisdom

The School of Wisdom is a school for adults and children of all ages. It's purpose is to promote the holistic well-being and community prosperity not just locally but globally. Education requires businesses, organizations, mothers and civic members from all walks of life, to collaborate and come together in making the world a better place, for the next seven generations. The purpose of this group is to raise public awareness, and increase community support and parental involvement in schools and their children's lives. Experts in different fields such as music, the arts, parenting, healing and wellness etc., periodically host workshops and lead forums at our center. Some workshops focus on teaching concepts and skills in a certain area such as environmental education, child development, creative writing skills etc.. providing opportunities for discussion and community involvement. The School is using a radical strategy to cultivate love and reverence to creation, not only within communities but in teaching these important values to young children from an early age.