6 year old constantly lying and fighting with everyone.

Heather - posted on 01/30/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 6 yr old is constantly lying about things that are done to him by his brother, such as he keeps saying everyone is going to kick him and throw him out the window. It is so exhausting that he fights everything you want him to do, be it homework, cleaning his room, taking a shower, etc.. I am at my wits end about how to get him to stop this behavior. He behaves in school, so I know he can be good. If anyone has suggestions on how to help fix this problem, besides giving in to his every whim, I am all ears.


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Jenny - posted on 02/11/2011




My son is 6 going to be 7 here in April and he finds the smallest things and has to lie about it. He will tell me he washed his hands after going to the bathroom. Then when I say can I feel them he trys and tells me that they are already dry. Really ? Like I was born yesterday. So my new thing is I like to tell him that mom dont like liers. When I tell him that he then tells me hes sorry for lying.
I try to tell him that the more you lie the less people will like you and soon no one will want to play with him. I just cant seem to get through to him with it.

Katherine - posted on 02/03/2011




My daughter is 8 now and she is the same way not hitting but with the lying No i take that back she likes to hit her 4 yr old sister when she is angry with me or her dad. lol

I always ask as soon as she walks through that door from school is how was your day? and Do you have any homework? or any important papers? She has said no to the homework all week long. Here we have 4 day school week. So today is thrusday adn this Lovely morning she comes out saying I have to read this to you guys and get this paper filled out because it is due today.

I was not happy. Of couse she likes to turn things around on us and be like well you didnt listen and she will say i forgot.

Sorry but i ask her everyday after school. I should not have to take her backpack from a 3rd grade 8 yr old and check for myself. SHe is a big girl and understood what said to her.

He consequence for lying to me and her dad was get your butt loaded in the jeep you dont have time to do you homework.

cause and effect. she choose to lie and goof off instead of doing her homework.

what happens now is her grade drops because of her choices.

I can not make these choices for her when she chooses to lie and not do her school work.

there was even a note brought home to let us now about this reading homework assignment that they started. again she lied about that and cried if i dont do it now it willeffect my grade.

my husband told her you should of done it to begin with instead of lying and playing around. we willnot do your homework for you.

about the room Audrey does the same thing however my 4 yr old can make her bed and keep her room clean with out repeating myself. i have no idea why Audrey chooses to live in a pig sty. I take everything away, mp3player, friends, clothes( her clean clothes that i wash end up on the floor with the dirty clothes), toys everythign gts taken away. When she wants to do something or go somewhere i tell her clean your room then we will talk about it. She doesnt get to watch movies with her sister or particpate ingames or arts n crafts. and it does work. I have stepped in so many times adn just cleaned it myself and i found myself doing it over and over again. I am done being her servant. her mess she ahas 2 arms 2 legs she can clean it herself.

I dont know what to say about the shower, here we have a 10 min. rule otherwise Audrey will run us out of hot water. lol she has to hang up her towel take out the dirty clothes and clean up any messes that was made while she was in there.

with the hitting , Audrey and Emiy both get put into time out for thier age so 8 and 4 min. And we talk bout why they arein timeout, we dont allow hitting. It works for us.

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