Country music and young adult children....

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I wanted to start by saying hi, I'm new with circle of moms...but far from being a new mom, my son is 25 years old...but it never gets old, he is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in my lifetime...What I mean is that I can listen to any country song, and I can put my son's name on it...well, with the exception to the drinking and cheating, hopefully...we don't know, and they at a certain age are entitled to a certain amount of privacy....Well, that

is all I wanted to say for now, and how much I love my boy, (young man)...Sincerely, A Circle of Mom, Shelly

P.S. There was a song that I had played at my son's graduation...I forget what it is called , however it has some words in it that say something like this: something about dance, the ocean, etc...I just can't think, it's beautiful and a woman sings it...I wish I knew what it was fit us both, we cried as we danced!!


Tammy - posted on 10/06/2009




Could it be Leann Womack's song "I hope you Dance"?....if not, I hope someone else has the right answer for you! :)~

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