Need recommendations on what meds really work or if their is a home remedy for a child with adhd and allergies


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Angelina - posted on 03/29/2010




hi my boyfriend has adhd and had it since he was a child when they first found out they wanted to put him on meds but his mother wouldn't do it cuz back then it was just a experiment called riddlen. his mother told me that all she did was try to find out what counter acts with him like what makes him hyper and what calms him example wheat makes my boyfriend hyper and coffee calms him down weird i know but it works. so try and do something like that instead of giving him meds it would be better.

Mary - posted on 03/29/2010




My son is in the same predicament as your son. In addition, many children with ADHD also have very special needs when it comes to learning at school even if the medication is cutting down on the distractibility of the child. For example, my son is able to pay attention while on the 27 mg of Concerta, however the school has given my son many modifications at school. He gets tests and assignments that have fewer problems, because he gets burned out very quickly and these tests have more white space on the paper which is not as intimidating.. He gets a reward such as 10 minutes of computer time if he successfully finishes an important assignment. He gets 5 minute breaks to rest his mind before moving on to the next assignment in class. He starts his day in Behavior Modification Class with a specialist in the mornings so he can slowly get into the school day, because mornings are bad for him if he has to go straight into doing school work as soon as he arrives in the building.

My son was also teased and made fun of on the bus. I do take him to school now, but I understand that is not always possible. SInce my son has ADHD, I could get him qualified to ride the special needs bus which has less students and the kids are more tolerable, but my son doesn't want to do that. He thinks other kids will get wind of it and make fun of him. Just always remember that our sons are very bright and can do great things - it's just that traditional school is not geared to their needs, We may not be able to afford specialized education in a private school, but we as parents can stand up for our kids and talk to the teachers and principals to let them know that our sons are SMART and that the school needs to find ways to accomodate our children. Not just complain to us the parents about what is going on. I am lucky that my son's teachers have worked really hard to make school better for my son. Even so, it is still not perfect because my son will probably repeat the third grade. It has taken a long time to get to this point and he lost a lot of instruction. But I think doing third grade again will be a good thing. Better for him to repeat now than later. He is also not as mature as other kids his age so this will also help.

Good luck and don't ever give up and make sure your son knows how unique and wonderful he is. Don't let bad grades get him or you down. In the end, it doesn't define your success or worth as a person.

Heather - posted on 03/26/2010




I have a son and daughter. My son has bad ADHD and was even diagnosed at age 4 which most doctors don't like to do. There are several options and no matter what anyone says every medication has side effects. Not everyone has side effects to medications thats why they have people try them and see how they work for the child. It's a matter of weighing out are the side effects truly worth what the medication's purpose. My son is on dexadrine. This is a 3 times a day pill. And some would perfer the once a day that are slow release but his doctor back home had him on it and it has worked for my son. Where as the one a days like adderal and concerta didn't work for him. Out of these 3 medications the only side effect my son has is that there are times he would try to skip a meal or eat smaller meals as they do cause loss of appetite. Doctors tend to stick with one type of medication as they are people and have preferences. My doctor here tried Adderal for my son and I talked them into putting him back on the dexadrine as it was the only one that seem to be helping him.

Tami - posted on 03/22/2010




most of the new meds r pretty good but i do not reccomend adderol my aunt is a pharmacy tech and told me all the side effects it could give my son who is ten and said she would not recommend it as a drug of choice my son is now on vyvase but has used strattera and focalin and concerta and all worked well as for allergies use a cup of hot raspberry tea with a teaspoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey drink as hot as they can stand it but not cold.,... and the less caffeine intake by the adhd child the better

Sara - posted on 03/21/2010




i found with my son that working with behavioral specialists worked the best to help him learn how to cope

Charlotte - posted on 03/19/2010




my daughter that has everyday allergies was prescribed flonase and singulair. right now it's under control. but i will keep ur advice in mind if her allergies get worse. thank u. i would not have thought of that.

my son is 9 almost 10 and he is adhd. he has been on all meds because his immune system fights the meds after he has taken them for a period of time. right now he is on concerta and his teachers are at my wits end complaining he won't do classwork (even though i asked them to let him bring it home to do with his homework and he only has homework when he gets home). his grades are rising but his focus in class isn't there. i have done my own research for 4 1/2 yrs. the best solution is just show him the attention he desires when he does good and when he does bad i take his privelages away. he cries if i don't tell him why so he can understand. then he looks at me like i am the bad guy. i have to tell myself that he will understand one day when he's older. his mind is just under the normal 9 yr old so his daddy and i try to help his mind catch up with his peers. my worry is that older kids bully him on the school bus. my solution is to talk to the bus driver and asst principal to change him over to a car rider. but we can not fund the gas. so any suggestions would help.

Robyn - posted on 03/19/2010




Well, my 10 yr old son was diagnosed with ADHD & ODD when he was 4 (after he threatened to kill all the kids @ daycare and assaulted a teacher), so he got into Behavioral Health Services and they diagnosed him and started him on Concerta a couple weeks later. He eventually adjusted to it, so he was put on was an amazing difference. He is now on 30 mg. of Adderall and is doing better...I would talk to your health care professional about it, but if you are not just settle for their answers, do your own research.

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