Coupon Clippin Mommas

Lets share our favorite sites for coupons, savings, and free stuff. Also tips n tricks to help keep the piggy bank well fed.


How do I start saving with coupons?

I want to start the whole coupon clipping business. I've watched the shows on TV and have seen the insanse savings you can achieve and I want in !! My question is where the heck...



So I saw the show on TLC about extreme couponers...I want to do this! maybe not at the level these people were doing it (paying 150.00 for 1,000.00 in groceries) but how do I...


is buying coupons for ebay crazy?

i heard u could buy coupons on ebay..either as a set of random or specfic ones..usually for like .99 cents for several. my husband thinks this is crazy and a waste of money..has...


Hey Mama's New Coupon Site YAY!!!!

Hey Mama's Awesome new coupon site, Just like groupon but better.... If you share it with anyone you get a percentage of the coupon- So I'm Sharing It... Love It!!!!...


new to coupons

i keep reading on here that u can combine man, coupons with the store coupons. but i saw on the coupon most them say can not be combined with any other offer or one coupon per...


confused coupon mom

how do you find good coupon sites for pampers and things like that? I dont have much time to be on the computer with the baby, but when i do i dont want to spend it searching...


Stockpile or necessities?

Is it better to stockpile thing when you find time for really good deals or just get what you need? My husband is very supportive of my "new hobby" but does not want to start...


Found a great site she is also on FB - every day she posts coupons, deals and she even hosts an online class on coupon clipping


re: any mom's from michigan?

Hey, if there are any mom's out there from Michigan, mid-michigan especially, I have an exceptional spreadsheet and coupon system that doesn't take a lot of time, and that saves...


Do any of you use this site? I'm new to this and was wondering if this is a good site for beginners. It looks good. Opinions welcome.


Canadian coupons?

Hello! I'm wondering if anyone has any good Canadian coupon sites that they have come across (aside from I'm looking for click and mail or printable coupons. Most...


Advice on Digital Camera's

I am thinking of getting new digital camera. I was wondering if anyone owns a good, waterproof, mid priced camera. I am thinking around $150 range. My previous one is a Kodak...



WALMART.......will price match any ads you have. Simply take your grocery store ads with you the next time you head to Walmart. Place you regular items seperate in your cart....


I got my first case of free diapers

I found this blog written by a mom, followed the simple instructions, and within 2 weeks I was able to get my first case of free diapers. I'm sure I will be getting many more...


Love coupons!!

I just wanted to say HI! I used to be really big into using coupons until my ex-husband thought it was a waste of time and money..... Don't ask! Anyway, I am getting back...