Cps involved parents

Hi all, I wanted to create a community for moms and dads, that have been involved in CPS, whether it's something you did wrong, or you have been falsely accused. I myself can use some support right now. Cps is involved in my family because of Domestic Violence. I am no longer with the dad, and I am trying to get my children safe in my arms, but at the same time so is he. so if there are any parents out there that need support join :)


moms with sore exs please respond

my kids dad has called cps on me so much that now they are involved with me they are trying to use his lies to keep us apart he has abanded them and now he may get them till...


Dealing with Losing Parental Rights CPS

Hi I am looking to connect with other Moms who are or have been in my shoes. I am a Mother of 2 beautiful kids. Almost 2 years ago my husband and I caught a CPS case due to us...